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Walks abroad

A ramble in the Hindukush (July 2000)

A trip up Table Mountain (March 2004)

 Up Nursery Buttress (Table Mountain) & around Kirstenbosch Gardens (5th March 2015)  

'Silverstream', traverse, Ledgers, Carrel's Ledge, Smuts Path, Maclear's Beacon, top of Platteclip Gorge, upper Cable Station 9th March 2015 (Table Mountain)

Up India Venster & Fountain Ledge 11th March 2015 (Table Mountain)

A stroll around Simonstown 15th March 2015

Walk in the Cederberg in South Africa (March 2007)

Montagu to Bloupunt in South Africa (7th March 2015)

 Haute Route - a walk in the Alps (July 2006)

Walks on Coastal Path near l'Escalet in France (October 2007)

Walk on Cap Lardier in France (October 2011)

Cap Lardier in France revisited (October 2015)

To the Lighthouse on Cap Camarat in France (October 2011)

St-Tropez coastal walk

A stroll around Domaine Rayol  - Le Jardin des Méditerranées (October 2011)

Index of walks in the Austrian Stubai (August 2012)

Index of walks in Bewang Austria (July 2016)

Index of walks in Picos de Europa (October 2018)

Index Tour du Mont Blanc 15th to 28th August 2013

Walks in the Lake District

A trip up Helvellyn (July 2005)

Patterdale to Helvellyn and back below Raise (peak), Glenridding (28th Febr 2017)

Around part of Helvellyn on 27th February 2018 - leader Andy Irwin

Near Grasmere in the Lakes (several walks)

Near Derwent Water in the Lakes (several walks / periods)

Along Ullswater (Patterdale to Pooley Bridge) - August 2009

Patterdale to Grisdale Tarn (August 2009)

Circuit near Skiddaw (August 2009)

Patterdale to Red Tarn & back (22nd Febr 2010)

Patterdale up to Thornthwaite Crag & back via High Street (23rd Febr 2010)

Patterdale to Brothers Water & Hartsop Hall and back (1st March 2017)

Aira Force round walk returning high along Ullswater (24th Febr  2010)

Patterdale Gowbarrow Fell round walk (27th Febr 2017)

Glenridding - ferry to How Town, up Fusedale to Gwok Hill, down to Martindale & How Town (25th Febr 2010)

Causey Pike (20th September 2010)

Scafell Pike (21st September 2010)

Sharp Edge on Blencathra (22nd September 2010)

Castle Rigg Stone Circle & High Rigg (23rd September 2010)

Patterdale, St Sunday Crag, Fairfield, Hartsop above How, Patterdale (28th February 2011)

Patterdale, St Sunday Crag, Fairfield, Hartsop above How, Patterdale (2nd March 2017)

Patterdale, St Sunday Crag, Cofa Pike ridge, Fairfield, Hart Crag, Hartsop above How, Deepdale Bridge, Greenbank Farm, A592 Rd to Patterdale (26th February 2018)

Pooley Bridge, The Cockpit, Arthur's Pike, Loadpot Hill, Fusedale Beck, Howtown / ferry to Glenridding (1st March 2011)

Patterdale, Boarddale Hause, Place Fell, west of Sandwick, along Ullswater, Patterdale (2nd March 2011)

Pooley Bridge, The Cockpit, below Long Crag to Howtown (3rd March 2011)

then to Old Church of St Martins, ridge Beda Fell, Boarddale Hause, Patterdale (3rd March 2011)  

Stair, Catbells, Maiden Moor, High Spy, Dale Head Tarn, Newlands Valley, Stair (26th September 2011)

Stair, Skegill, ridge up Cat Bells, Maiden Moor, Narrow Moor, abt 1/2km short of High Spy, dwn to Nitting Hawes, unnamed waterfall, N of Grange on rd, then down to & along Derwent Water - Great Bay, Abbots Bay, Brandelhow Park, Hawes End, Skegill, Stair - leader David Goodchild - 23rd September 2015

Buttermere, Whiteless Pike, Whiteless Edge, Crag Hill, Sail, Stonycroft Gill, Stair (27th September 2011 - Led by Cath & Malcolm MacKay )

Ambleside, (Brathay Park), Loughrigg Tarn, Loughrigg Terrace - overlooking Grasmere, Rydal Water, Rydal Hall, Dora's Field, Coffin Route, Wordsworth's Pond, Dove Cottage, Grasmere (28th September 2011 - Led by Cath & Malcolm MacKay)

Little Town, Newlands Church, High Snab Bank / Ridge, Blea crags / scramble, Robinson 737m, Littledale Edge, Hindscarf Edge,  Dalehead 753m, down to Dalehead Crags, cross Far Tongue Gill, cross Newlands Beck, over footbridge above Low Snab, Low House Farm, Little Town (29th September 2011 - Led by David Goodchild)   

Walks using Stagecoach 108 Patterdale bus running from Penrith - see their brochure 108 StagePath - walks devised by Mark Richards - www.markrichards.info/contactme

108 Stagepath - Stage 1 Penrith to Tirril & Stage 2 Tirril to Pooley Bridge - walked 27th February 2012 - led by Gillian Manasse    

108 Stagepath - Stage 3 Pooley Bridge to Airia Force - walked 28th February 2012 - led by Gillian Manasse

108 Stagepath -Stage 4 Aira Force via Glencoyne Head to Patterdale (we stopped short at Glenridding) - walked 29th February 2012 - led by Gillian Manasse

Stair, Catbell Terrace, Grange, Castle Crag, Rosthwaite, Watenlath, Watenlath Beck, Ashness Wood - Bridge - Landing Stage, ferry via Ladore Landing stage to Hawes End Landing Stage, Stair - 25th September 2012 - Led by Judy Gathercole

Buttermere, Whiteless Pike & Edge, Wandope, Eel Crag, Sail & Sail Pass*, Stoneycroft Gill, Stair - 26th September 2012 - led by David Goodchild    * (some then went over Causey Pike)

Buttermere, west side of Sail Beck, cross Addacombe Beck, down north side of  Rigg Beck, Ghyll Bank, Skelgill, Stair* - led by Judy Gathercole  *(some continued further - down Newlands Beck)

Glenridding to Howtown by ferry, Martindale old church, Beda Fell, Boredale Hause, Hartsop, Brothers Water, Sykeside, Deepdale Bridge, Crookbeck, Patterdale - led by Dave Hogg (25th February 2013)

Ullswater, then up A5091 road to Dockray, Groovebeck Fold, Matterdale Common, Great Dodd (857m), past Watson's Dodd & Stybarrow Dodd, Sticks Pass, past disused mine, down to Youth & other hostels, above/along then crossing Glenridding Beck, Glenridding, Patterdale - led by Tony Allsopp (26th February 2013)

Ferry to Howtown, then mainly along coast to Patterdale (27th February 2013)

Patterdale, Glenridding, Youth Hostel, Red Tarn, Swirral Edge, Helwellyn, Grisedale Tarn, Grisedale Beck, Patterdale - 28th February 2013

Walks near Keswick on 2nd March 2013 - Brunholme Wood & 3rd March 2013 - Latrigg

Buttermere, Crummock Water, Scale Beck, Red Pike 755m, High Stile 806m, High Crag 744m, Scarth Gap Pass, Buttermere  - leader David Goodchild - 24th September 2013

Gatesgarth (SE of Buttermere), Fleetwood Pike, Honister Crag, down to and along Old Tramway, Dubs Quarry, across Dubs Beck, Black Beck Tarn, Innominate Tarn, Haystacks, Scarth Gap Pass, down short of Buttermere, Peggy's Bridge, Gatesgarth - 22nd September 2015

Keswick (Briar Rigg), Cunbria Way, along but above Glenderaterra Beck, turn south at Sinen Gill, Blencathra centre,Thelkeld, old rail track along River Greta to Keswick - leader David Goodchild - 25th September 2013

Carpark North of Crummock Water, Mellbreak (N & S) Peaks, Down to Scale Force, Northwards along west edge Crummock Water, Carpark - leader Malcolm McKay - 23rd September 2014

National Trust carpark near Ashness Bridge, up Barrow Beck & Ashness Gill, High Seat, Bleaberry Fell, over hills to west of Sheepsfold, up towards Walla Crag, back to Barrow Beck, carpark - leader Malcolm McKay - 24th September 2014

Stair, Newlands Beck, Braithwaite, Force Crag Mine, Outerside, Stile End, Barrow, short of Braitwaite Lodge, Uzzicar, Stair - leader John Taylor - Thursday

Pooley Bridge, Dunmallard Hill, Waterfoot Hotel Farm, Bennethead, Crag House, Watermillock All Saints' Church, Little Meldrum, east edge Gowbarrow Fell, National Trust Cafe (near Aira Force), new path west side of Ullswater, Glenridding, Patterdale - 2015.02.23

Patterdale, Boredale Hause, Boredale (valley), Howsteadbrow, St Martin's (old) Church, St Peter's Church Martindale, FP South of Coombs, Howtown, FP following Ullswater via Sandwich to Silver Bay, up East of Silver Crag, disused quarries, Patterdale - leader David Hogg - Tuesday 2015.02.24 

Patterdale, St Sundays Crag, Grisedale Tarn, Grisedale (valley), Patterdale - Wednesday 2015.02.25  

Pooley Bridge, The Cockpit, Askham, Winder Hall Farm, Ridding Brow, Pooley Bridge - leaders Leonie Wood & David Kayley - Thursday 2015.02.26

Howtown Pier, ~E across road, onto Ullswater Way ~N / E passing South side Barton Park, The Cockpit, ~ ENE to Askham, road then lane ~NNW to ~NY511240, access lane to left winding ~ WNW to pass Winder Hall Farm buildings on North side, FP ~WNW down to Cracoe Close, B5320 road to Pooley Bridge - leaders Leonie Wood & David Kayley - Tuesday 27th February 2018 

Patterdale Hotel, Bridge End, Hoggill Brow, Hart Crag, Fairfield, Grisedale Hause, clockwise around Grisedale Tarn, right side down Grisedale Beck, Patterdale Hotel - leader Chris Dauris - Monday 2016.02.22

Patterdale Hotel, Crookabeck, Hartsop, Pasture Bottom, Threshthwaite Mouth then Beacon, High Street, Kidsty Pike, Angle Tarn, Angle Tarn, Boredale Hause, Side Farm, Patterdale Hotel - leader Chris Dauris - Tuesday 2016.02.23

Aira Force parking, Memorial Seat, Swinburn Park, Little Meldrum, Rectory, road N & W to Matterdale, then turnoff to Ulcat Row, path to Gowbarrow Park, Aira Force, some on path back to Patterdale - leaders Leonie & David - Wednesday 2016.02.24

Grasmere (village), Easedale Beck then Tarn, close to Sergeant Man, High Raise, shot of Greenup Edge, neck between Ferngill Crag / Calf Crag, Far Easedale Gill, Brimmer Head Farm, Grasmere (village) - leader Liz Savage - Thursday 2016.02.25 

NT carpark at Rosthwaite, up East side Stonethwaite Beck then Greenup Gill, Lining Crag, Low White Stones, High Raise, down to Stake Pass, follow Stake Beck & Langstrath Beck (both on West side), then follow Stonethwaite Beck (on West side) to Stonethwaite, cross to East side of Stonethwaite Beck and back to Rosthwaite - leader Richard Bennett - Tuesday 2016.09.20 - walk covers small parts of coast to Coast & Cumbria Way

Stair, Skelgill, Derwent Water near Hause End, South along West edge of Derwent Water, Grange (village), pass Castle Crag on West Side, to then up Rigghead Quarries, Short of Dalehead Tarn, High Spy, Maiden Moor, before Hausegate, descend and continue to Skelgill, Stair - Leader Richard Bennett - Wednesday 2016.09.21

Stair, along Newlands Beck (first on right bank but then on left bank) to Braithwaite, up Grisedale Pike then on to Hopegill Head*, Sand Hill,, Colsdale Hause then 1km further South, East up to Eel Crag, Sail, cross over Sail Pass, Causey Pike, turn downwards leftward at Sleet Hause (avoiding Rowing End), Stair - leader Richard Bennett - Thursday 2016.09.22 *party split here - main party went down Coledale Beck to Braithwaite - two persons went via Eel crag to Causey Pike 

Bassenthwaite, zig-zagging ~SE (crossing Chapel Beck) to 'road' between Melbecks / High Side, ~SSW on Road to NY236310, ~ENE to Barkbeth Farm, ~S to Ullock Pike, Longstone Edge, ~NmE then N to Skiddaw beacon, continued N for ~1km to ~ NY261300*, ~ NW then W down steep 'path', cross Barkbeth Gill then Southerndale Gill, ~N to Barkbeth Farm, and then back to 'road', up to Melbecks, FP ~NNE to Bridleway leading ~W into Bassenthwaite - Tuesday - * see note on walk page for different ending from this point. walk done on19 September 2017  

Keswick - start ~ NY268241 (nr Briar Rigg), ~ NE on Cumbria Way, V turn up to Latrigg, Brunholme, Wescoe, Threlkeld, ~S on B5322 Road, ~ WNW on old Railway, ~SW to & through Burns Farm, ~ W to Goosewell Farm & Castlerigg Stone Circle, ~W on roads & old railway back to start.- leader Malcolm MacKay - Wednesday 20th September 2017 

Walks below photographed (by Tony Allsopp)* while group based at Patterdale Hotel from 24th February to 1st March 2019 - short descriptions given here - more detailed descriptions given on the actual walk pages with photographs. *(Note some other walks were done but not recorded here - unfortunately cannot be on two walks at same time).

Walks below photographed (by Tony Allsopp)* while group based at Patterdale Hotel from 23th to 28th February 2020 - short descriptions given here - more detailed descriptions given on the actual walk pages with photographs. *(Note some other walks were done but not recorded here - unfortunately cannot be on two walks at same time).

Walks below photographed (by Tony Allsopp)* while group based at Patterdale Hotel from 17th to 22th October 2021 - short descriptions given here - more detailed descriptions given on the actual walk pages with photographs. *(Note some other walks were done by others but not recorded here)

Coast to Coast in England

Coast to Coast - St Bees to Kirkby Stephens  - first half (June 2007)

Coast to Coast - Kirby Stephens to Robin Hoods Bay  - second half (June 2007)

North York Moors

North York Moors

Coach Ramble to North York Moors - 'B' party led by Cath and Malcolm MacKay - Sunday 5th October 2014

Walk around Robin Hoods Bay, NE Yorkshire (25th May 2008)

Walk in Farndale (10th April 2011)

Yorkshire Wolds Way - Staxton to Filey - 19th May 2013

Walks in the Yorkshire Dales

Walks in the Yorkshire Dales (several walks)

Coach Ramble to Whernside Area 3rd April 2016

Around Haworth - the Brontes' home

Clapham and Ingleborough area

Pateley Bridge and Brimham Rocks

Pateley Bridge and Brimham Rocks revisited 4th May 2014

Ilkley, Bolton Abbey etc

Otley Area - the Chevin

Prewalks near Leyburn & Middleham for coach ramble

Long Preston via Airton to Garside

Middleham to Leyburn

Malham round walk (20th June 2010)

Malham Coach Ramble 27th September 2015

Middleham, River Cover, Coverham (28th Sept 2010)

Aysgarth Falls, along River Ure to Middleham (30th Sept 2010)

Castle Bolton, Ellerlands Edge, Carperby, Aysgarth Falls (High, Middle & Lower Force), Hollins House, High Thoresby, Castle Bolton (26th October 2010)

6th September 2018 - Jonas Centre, Redmires, Aysgarth Falls, Bear Park, Carperby, Bridle & By-Ways to Bolton Castle, Jonas centre

Cote Farm (south of West Burton) White Hill, Fleensop Moor, Horse House, Gammersgill, Carlton, Howden Lodge,  Cote Farm (27th October 2010)

Craggs Farm in Dent Dale to Sedbergh & back - (29th May 2011) 

Low Mire House, Comb House & Scar, Barbondale Road, High House, Mill Beck Farm, Dent, Barth Bridge, Rawridding, Helmside (30th May 2011)

Appleby-in-Westmoreland, High Cup Nick (2nd May 2018)

Cross Keys Inn, valley to right of Cautley Spout, up towards saddle of Bowderdale Head - then descended due to dense mist & savage wind. (1st June 2011)

Sedbergh, confluence Rawthey & Dee, Lincolns Inn Bridge, Lune Viaduct, Slack Lane, Ash-Hinning, Under Winder, Howgill Lane, S (2nd June 2011)

Up The Howgills - Cross Keys Inn, Cautley Spout, The Calf, Calders, down edge Settlebeck Gill, Sedbergh Info Centre. (3rd June 2011)

Strolls in Sedbergh - some pictures

Leyburn / Shawl, leadmill chimney, Wensley, Leyburn - 5th September 2011

Redmire, Thoresby Lane, Hollins House, Aysgarth Falls - lower - middle - upper, St Andrews Church, Hestholme Bridge, Remains of Preception, Lords Bridge, Bolton Hall, Redmire - 7th September 2011

Carlton, Howden Lodge, Cote Farm, Whiterow Road, Fleensop Moor, Horsehouse, River Cover, Carlton - 8th September 2011  

Hawes, Skellgill Lane, Askrigg, Carperby, Thoresby Lane, Redmire (11th September 2012)

Redmire Station, Castle Bolton, Low Thoresby & Lane, stepping stones at Slapestone Wath  Waterfalls, Norman church, Redmire Station (12th September 2012)

Bainbridge, River Bain, Semer Water, Stalling Busk, High Lane, Busk Lane, Carpley Green, Carpley Green Road, Bainbridge. (13th September 2012)

7th April 2013 - Coach Rambles from Sedbergh - 'B' ramble - Settlebeck Gill, SE up Winder, Crosdale Wood, Bramaskew (on Dales Way), Lune Viaduct, Lincoln's Inn Bridge, St Gregory Chapel, Prospect House, High Oaks, Brigflatts, Birks, Sedbergh - leaders Judy Gathercole & Susan Rushworth

20th April 2013 - section of Dales Way from Ilkley to Barden Tower

1st June 2013 - section of Dales Way from Barden Tower to Grassington

6th July 2013 - section of Dales Way from Grassington to Kettlewell

9th September 2013 - Jervaulx Abbey & Park, Thornton Steward, St Oswalds Church, Ulshaw Bridge, Cover Bridge, River Ure, Jervaulx Abbey - leader Judy Gathercole - Monday

10th September 2013 - Redmires, Preston-under-Scar, N through disused quarry, NNW through old mine workings on Preston Moor, west to Mere Gill Head, SSW to Dent's Houses Bolton Castle, Redmires - leaders Malcolm Mackay & Judy Gathercole - Tuesday

11th September 2013 - Bainbridge, Addlebrough, Thornton Rust, Worton, Bainbridge - leader Val Coleman - Wednesday

12th September 2013 - Appersett, Mossdale, Thwaite Bridge, Yore House, Blades, Lund's Chapel, Shaws, (once Garsdale Youth Hostel), The

High Way, Cotter End, Appersett - several leaders - Thursday


8th September 2014 - Jervaulx Abbey, west along River Ure, Cover Bridge, Ulshaw Bridge & Church, Danby Grange, Thornton Stewart, Kilgram Bridge, Jervaulx Park - Monday


9th September 2014 - Middleham, Bridge over River Ure, Thostle Nest Farm, Harmby & waterfall, Beggar's Mouth, Old Horn Inn, Ulshaw & Cover Bridges, West along River Cover, East Witton (west end), Hullo Bridge, Middleham - leader Judy Gathercole - Tuesday 


10th September 2014 - Hawes, Gayle, up to & around Whether Fell, up & dowm Drumaldrace (cairn), South of Common Allotments*, Carlows, Crag Side Road, Hawes End, Horton Gill bridge, High Lane, Burtersett, Hawes - leader Judy Gathercole & Susan Rushworth - Wednesday. *on map but not visible on ground


11th September 2014 - Reeth, Riddings Farm, Thirns Farms, Fore Gill Gate, north of Gringley Hill, above Hind Gill, Arkle Town, Langthwaite, up to Booze, Castle Farm House, Reeth road bridge, Reeth - leader Malcolm MacKay - Thursday


7th September 2015 - Leyburn, Leyburn Shawl, Tullis Cote, Lead Smelter. cross Wensleydale Railway, Wensley Park, Wensley, Leyburn - leader Judy Gathercole - Monday


8th September 2015 - Redmire Station, Castle Bolton, Black Hill, Dent's Houses, Height of Greets, Hirst Ridge, Grinton Smelting Mill, then up Flue, Snowden Man, Chaytor Rake, disused Quarry, Preston Scar, Redmires - leader Judy Gathercole - Tuesday


10th September 2015 - Gunnerside, Heights, Barf End, Brownsey House, round Brownsey Moor to end of Ash Pot Gutter, Level House Bridge, West to High Gorton, down Gunnerside Beck (upper part on valley side), Gunnerside - leaders Cath & Malcolm Mackay - Thursday


4th September 2018 - Pennine Way (in Yorkshire Dales) - Thwaite to Hawes


5th September 2016 - Jonas Centre, Redmire, St Mary Church, Bolton Hall, Preston under Scar, short of Bolton Castle, Redmire Station, Jonas Centre - several leaders - Monday afternoon 


6th September 2016 - Gunnerside, River Swale, Ivelet, Kisdon Bottom / Scar, Ivelet Boards, Arn Gill Scar, Swinner Gill Lead Mines, up East Grain Beck, Jeep Track East to above Gunnerside Gill, down Jeep Track on West side of Gunnerside Gill to Gunnerside (village)


8th September 2016 - Bainbridge, cross River Bain on A684 Rd Bridge, follow River Bain upstream on FP (some distance away from it initially) up to Semer Water, short distance along road, then FP on East of Semer Water, up to Stalling Busk, Marsett, over Marsett Bridge, FP* ~ NW up to Roman Rd joining it at SD886872 appr., Roman Road, then tarred rd into Bainbridge - leader David Hogg - Thursday   note* do not follow track through sheep pen - go to left before it


4th September 2017 - Leyburn, Leyburn Shawl, Tullis Cote Farm, Keld Heads Lead Mine, cross Wensleydale Railway, Wensley Church, Low Lane on north side of church then FP along River Ure, North up to Leyburn


6th September 2017 - Langthwaite Car Park, road to Arkle Town, BW ~W to Bouldershaw House, ~SSW for 300m on road, BW ~NW to Martin Vein, ~W to Little Punchard, ~N on BW over Punchard Moor & then ~NW crossing Great Punchard Gill to BW down to Danby Lead Level & on to NCR71, turn down to Arkle Beck at ~NY 981041, follow Beck downstream (several crossings) but on north side after Stang Lane, pass Scar House, cross Beck taking paved access way past St Mary the Virgin and back to the car park - leader Malcolm MacKay - Wednesday


7th September 2017 - Middleham Castle, ~W on Middleham Low Moor, ~SSE to Tupgill Park cross Coverham Lane to FB over River Cover, up lane to High Lane, follow Lane toward Coverham Bridge, but continue on Hanghow Lane to Braithwaite Hall, ~N to Hullo Bridge & cross River Cover, follow river on north bank to East, turn N on Six Dales Trail, Middleham - Leader Judy Gathercole - Thursday


1st October 2017 - Sheffield Ramblers coach ramble - to climb Pen-y-ghent and walk in nearby areas


Walks in September 2019 in the Yorkshire Dales - (** not Sheffield Ramblers walks)

2019.09.02 ** Round walk from Leyburn - Leyburn Shawl / Tullis Cote Farm / across railway / ~ESE to Wensley House / Church /  ~E on Low Lane (part along River Ure) / ~N up Low Wood Lane / Leyburn - led by Malcolm MacKay - Monday

2019.09.03 ** Round walk from Reeth  - cross road bridge over Arkle Beck / ~N then ~E up to & across Fremington Edge / ~NE to Owlands Farm / along Shaw Beck to just short of Manor House / U-turn & follow Shaw Tongue / Goats Rd / Hurst / ~S across & down Fremington Edge / ~W then cross road bridge over Arkle Beck / Reeth - leader Malcolm MacKay (with David Hogg & Judy Gathercole & Susan Rushworth considering possible routes for coach rambles) - Tuesday

2019.09.05 ** Round walk from Middleham / up to South side of Castle / ~W along Middleham Low Moor (Gallops) / ~S thru Tupgill Park / Holy Trinity Church / Coverham Abbey / ~E along River Cover / ~N back to Middleham Castle - Malcolm MacKay - Thursday

Walks in North Wales

Part of Llŷn Coastal Path in North Wales

Ascent of Moel Siabod

Rhyd-Dhu Path up Snowdon, Llanberis Path (roughly following cogged railway) down - 30th July 2015

Walks in London

South Bank of Thames (Vauxhall Bridge to Tower Bridge) - see DW2010.10.6

Tower Bridge to Thames Barrier on South Bank (part of The Thames Path) 

Putney to Chelsea Bridge, South Bank / Chelsea Bridge to Somerset House, North Bank - 13th November 2014

St Pancras Church