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7th September 2017 - Coffee Break in Middleham - then walk


Coffee Break in Middleham



Richard III Hotel
Richard III

retired London Fire Brigade cyclists visiting Middleham
Middleham a centre for training racehorses
Retired London Fire Brigade cyclists visiting Middleham

Plaque (next picture) just inside this entrance
Commemorative plaque for trainer James Croft


Middleham Castle, ~W on Middleham Low Moor, ~SSE to Tupgill Park cross Coverham Lane to FB over River Cover, up lane to High Lane, follow Lane toward Coverham Bridge, but continue on Hanghow Lane to Braithwaite Hall, ~N to Hullo Bridge & cross River Cover, follow river on north bank to East, turn N on Six Dales Trail, Middleham - Leader Judy Gathercole - Thursday

infill rubble exposed after dressed outside fair face has fallen off - need to change building regulations for new castles?
Lazy Susan - for exercising horses
note rules above for avoiding intruding on training lanes for horses
turned left shortly beyond this gate into Tupgill Park
Pavilion ahead
note Coat of Arms above Pavilion door
decorations within this pavilion follow


a golden Coat of Arms above roof
lane ducking down towards bridge (not a footpath but a 'byway' only suitable for pedestrians on the bridge itself - is a sign mandatory?
a substantial 'footbridge' - is it required to byway standards?
Coverham road bridge which we did not cross
looked back at church near Coverham
view of the back facades of the National Trusts Braithwaite Hall
Hullo Bridge
Middleham Castle

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