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Haute Route in the Alps - July 2006

This walk with Ramblers Holidays ( www.ramblersholidays.co.uk ) took place between 5th and 19th July 2007. The party of eleven Brits, included one Australian woman, was well led by Bill a very fit retired army officer. The walk is graded C+ under the Ramblers Holiday system. Each person carried their own rucksack recommended not to exceed 12kg with clothing etc and a bed liner - bunks and blankets were provided at overnight stops. Some variation of routes can occur through weather conditions etc. Pictures taken give some impression of the trek but are not all captioned. 

First Day - 5th July 2006

Flights from Manchester and London to Geneva. A first short walk from Chamonix to Argentire was intended but delayed flights prevented this and we bussed direct to Argenti่re.

Second Day - 6th July 2006

Walk from Argenti่re 1279m over Col de Balme 2204m and down to Trient 1279m. Some nasty blizzard  weather encountered at highest point and we descended hurriedly. The rest of the trek over the next weeks took place in perfect weather.


Third Day - 7th July 2006

Walk from Trient 1279m to Champec Lac 1466m. As the area was wet and slippery from the previous days poor weather the more adventurous route through Fenetre d'Arpette 2665m was not taken instead we went on a route to the north through Fontaine 1975m.


Fourth Day - 8th July 2006

Walk from Champec Lac 1466m to Le Chable 821m - a fairly easy days walking.


Fifth Day - 9th July 2006

Walk from Le Chable 821m to Cabane de Montfort 2457m (steep first ascent was avoided by taking cableway to Verbier - Village 1522m a ski resort)


 Sixth Day - 10th July 2006

Walk from Cabane Montfort 2457m to Cabane Plafleuri 2624m (via Col Termin 2648m and Col de Prafleuri 2987m)


Seventh Day - 11th July 2006

Walk from Cabane Plafleuri 2624m to Cabane des Dix 2928m (over Col de Roux 2804m passing along Lac des Dix 2364m then up to Cabane de Dix 2928m)


Eighth Day - 12th July 2006

Cabane de Dix 2928m to Les Haudres 1447m (over Pas de Chevres - up some steel ladders then via Arolla 2067m down to Les Haud่res)


Nineth Day - 13th July 2006

Rest day at Les Haud่res

Tenth Day - 14th July 2006

Walk from Les Haud่res 1447m to Cabane de Moiry 2825m (drove in at beginning to Mayens de Cotteri 2000m to shorten length and climb then over Col de Torrent 2916m and down past Lac de Moiry 2249m and then up to Cabane de Moiry)


Eleventh Day - 15th July 2006

Walk from Cabane de Moiry 2825m to Zinal 1675m (passing Lac de Moiry on east side, then up Corne de Sorebois 2896m before descending to Zinal)


Twelfth Day - 16th July 2006

Walk from Zinal 1675m to Gruben 1822m ( took bus to St Luc and then cogged railway to Tignousa 2178m then walked over Meidpass 2790m to Mittel Stafel 2266m then descending to Gruben)


Thirteenth Day - 17th July 2006

Walk from Gruben 1822m to St Niklaus 1127m over Augstbbordpass 2893m


Fourteenth Day - 18th July 2006

Train St Niklaus to Zermatt 1606m then cogged train to ----------- and walk back down to Zermatt


Fifteenth Day - 19th July 2006

Train Zermatt to Geneva then flights back to UK

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