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Walks near Grasmere in the Lakes

Round walk from Grasmere to Alcock Tarn (height about 370m) - afternoon of 19th July 2008.

Ascending from Grasmere below, with Silver Howe behind Greenhead Gill, north of Alcock Tarn and east of Stone Arthur
Approaching Alcock Tarn from the north Looking at Tarn from south - Stone Arthur / Great Rigg ridge behind
Windermere SE in the distance (seen above Lanty Scar) with white ferry boat Top of Loughrigg Fell?
Sheep pen near tarn Descending towards Grasmere
Descending in 'greenway' towards Grasmere Lower down toward Grasmere


Walk from Grasmere via Rydal Hall to Ambleside (parts walked several different times)

Flowers on house wall close to Wordsworth's Dove Cottage
Corpse road from Ambleside to "St Oswalds" church at Grasmere, before church and graveyard consecrated in Ambleside, coffin support to give bearers a rest.
Looking back NW to Helm Crag with Howitzer? on top. Grasmere through trees
Ferns on trees testifying to watery climate Looking SEE along Rydal Water
Cave on southern side of Rydal Water, Lanty Scar and Loughrigg Fell behind
Reflections in Rydal water
Pebbles apparently thrown by passer-bys onto torn tree branch Bridleway on right looking towards Grasmere
Looking up Rydal Beck, upstream of waterfall view point? Fungi and moss on dead tree
Famous Rydal waterfall Artists' Summer House built in 1660 with window framing the fall
  Rydal Hall and gardens
Sculptor working in grounds of Rydal Hall Fox Ghyll house (once lived in by Thomas de Quincey)
Wood cutting below Fox Ghyll house Entrance gates to Fox How once the home of Matthew Arnold
Stone sculpture in park at Ambleside  


Walk from Grasmere to Easedale Tarn (height about 200m) - morning 23rd July 2008 - took a fast 2.1/2 hours alone (anticlockwise route taken up to and around tarn)

  View of Sour Milk Gill with southern route to Easedale Tarn behind
  Looking down route walked up along Far Easedale Gill (close to bridge)
Unsightly Bridge taken over Far Easedale Beck at NY318093 approximately Party ahead going further up Far Easedale Beck towards Greenup Edge?
Views seen following approximately NNW from bridge
Party ascending southern route, fairly close to Tarn Looking down and across at southern route
First glimpse of Easedale Tarn Looking east across Tarn at low point (also seen in previous picture)
In need of a shearing? Belles Knot spire to right
Seat Sandal capped by cloud?  
  Tarn Crag reflected in lake
Tarn Crag Southern route taken down by me - someone coming up
Helm Crag Bathers at pool in Sour Milk Gill
Helm Crag


Walk from Pelter Bridge over Loughrigg Fell, height 335m, back to Grasmere - afternoon 20th July 2008

Path up starts to right of Fox Ghyll house (once lived in by Thomas de Quincey) Wood cutting near River Rothay seen near start of ascent
A profusion of wild flowers Slogging upward on a confusion of paths through bracken
Looking east towards Ambleside Mountains towards the east.
From top of Loughrigg Fell looking SE to Windermere Down Loughrigg Fell, looking NE across Grasmere with Helm Crag left/centre
Curved chimney stacks Roof covered by sedum
Moss covered rocky bank along Dale End road (drying out no rain!) Looking towards Stone Arthur and Great Rigg (left side of picture)
Lichen on dry-stone wall Route down Loughrigg Fell seen SE across Grasmere Lake (near sunset)

Round walk from Grasmere to Silver Howe

Silver Howe seen from Grasmere View of Helm Crag, on left, while walking up Silver Howe
From Silver Howe - view NNE of Helm Crag, Seat Sandal, Fairfield, Great Rigg From Silver Howe - view SSW of Chapel Stile? and quarry

Unfortunately no picture taken East towards Grasmere and Rydal water

Descending from Silver Howe towards Grasmere, Helm Crag left centre Shepherd with dog rounding up sheep between Grasmere village and lake

Round walk from Grasmere, taking about 5 hours, via Little Tongue Gill to Fairfield, height 873m, and back down via Stone Arthur

Seat Sandal on left, Great Tongue in valley beyond trees Hay baling below Helm Crag
Ascending Little Tongue, Grasmere in valley behind Up rough scree path on Fairfield, Seat Sandal behind and neck to Grisedale Tarn
Dollywaggon Pike with path to Patterdale at bottom, seen on Fairfield ascent Grisedale Tarn seen from Fairfield slopes
Scree becomes worse To right, Striding edge leading to Helvellyn, path to Patterdale below.
St Sunday Crag seen NE of Fairfield summit Hart Crag and Dove Crag to east?
Descending SSE on ridge towards Stone Arthur Alcock Tarn seen from above near Stone Arthur
Helm Crag west of Stone Arthur with sun setting Stone Arthur seen from road into Grasmere

Round walk, taking about 7 hours, from Grasmere via Easedale Tarn, Sergeant Man, height 734m, Mere Brook, Calf Crag, Gibson Knott, and back via Helm Crag (following photos taken after Easedale Tarn - see earlier round walk to Easedale Tarn for the Grasmere to Easedale Tarn section)

Looking back NEE from below Belles Knot to Easdale Tarn Neck crossed between Eagle Crag ridge and Belles Knot on right
Further views of Easedale Tarn on ascent with Helm Crag & Gibsons Knott in mid distance with Seat Sandal, Fairfield, Great Rigg on Skyline and Stone Arthur behind
Codale Tarn, higher up than Easedale Tarn below, comes into view on the left
View of Pavey Ark? to right of picture Sergeant Man behind as we head NNE
Still NNE following iron fence posts
Broad beans growing in Tarn?  
Joining Calf Crag and following ridge route to Helm Crag  
Grasmere in middle with Windermere, behind Loughrigg, in distance Far Easedale Gill below - quicker valley route SEE into Grasmere
  Easedale Tarn comes into view
Helm Crag - the organ player? Gibsons Knott ridge to right, Far Easedale Gill in valley
The Howitzer on Helm Crag The Lion and Lamb? on Helm Crag
Grasmere below Helm Crag Farms seen on descent of Helm Crag

Some pictures around Grasmere


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