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Howtown Pier *, ~E across road, onto Ullswater Way ~N / E passing South side Barton Park, The Cockpit, ~ ENE to Askham, road then lane ~NNW to ~NY511240, access lane to left winding ~ WNW to pass Winder Hall Farm buildings on North side, FP ~WNW down to Cracoe Close, B5320 road to Pooley Bridge - leaders Leonie Wood & David Kayley - Tuesday 27th February 2018 

* ferry was taken from Glenridding and pictures taken from ferry included

walking from Patterdale Hotel to Glenridding ferry terminal on Ullswater - Place Fell seen across lake
Glenridding ferry terminal
aboard the ferry Western Bell
the ferry has started from the jetty
Howtown ferry pier

The Ullswater Way Heritage Trail
house at foot of Hallin Fell seen from near pier
crossing road near pier
mound in centre at back is Dunmallard Hill close to Pooley Bridge?
unexpected deer
tea break enroute
Survey beacon visible at top of Place Fell?
crossing Aik Beck?
Pooley Bridge seen in front of hill
group photo in snow flurry at The Cockpit (a stone circle)
zoomed in shot of Lowther Castle
approaching Askham

in Askham having lunch (near pub and village shop)
Winder Hall Farm's Ice House
Winder Hall farm seen behind us to right (we only passed close to the Ice House)
Pooley Bridge ahead to right
on Cracoe Close
our route from Howtown Pier to The Cockpit followed along below the ridge seen at back.
coffee break at Pooley Bridge before en-bussing back to Patterdale


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