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Coast to Coast - 1st half

Coast to Coast - Kirby Stephens to Robin Hoods Bay - 2nd half June 200

11/11/2007 Rest day at Kirby Stephens

Paul and Hazel left the walk in the morning and returned to Sheffield. They completed the walk later in the year.

Entrance of St Stephens church from the Market place                                                     Frank's Bridge (our route out of town in the morning)

12/11/2007 8th day walking - Kirkby Stephens (via Keld) to Thwaite

Hartley quarries                                                                                                                      Jan in a seat built since Wainwright's passing?
Nine Standards - stone built towers in bleak misty weather
Through the gloom on the moors above Coldbergh Edge
Ravenseat farm in Whitsun Dale
Onward to Keld
Eggs near Keld on edge of road leading down to Thwaite
Down from Keld to Thwaite for our overnight stay
Relaxing before the evening meal in Kearton Country Hotel in Thwaite.


13/06/2007 9th walking day from Keld to Reeth

Baggage 'bus' taken from Thwaite back to Keld and then the lower scenic route following the river Swale was taken in an attempt to avoid rainy weather. 

Cow and calf entering Keld
Following the Swale River steeply at first from Keld
                                                                                            then a gradual descent into the plains
One of many typical Dales barn - generally no longer used                                                              sheep licking salt in the river course?
Mon repose
Crossing the Swale
Walking carefully on a wall with a drop either side


14 / 06 2007 tenth walking day from Reeth (via Richmond) to about 2km short of Catterick Bridge

Buck Hotel at Reeth                                                                                                                               Our route out of town
River Swale swollen with heavy rain
                                                                                                                                            Marrick Priory looms out of the mist
Grass beaten down by stormy weather
                                                                                                                            cattle sheltering from the heavy rain - my last photo - wet camera fuses
On the way to St Giles farm


15/06/2007 eleventh walking day from before Catterick Bridge to Ingleby Cross

St Giles Farm                                                                                                                         saved from another day's soaking by plastic capes
    Through the puddles                                                                                    Dangerously swollen River Swale near Catterick Bridge 
The Vale of York with miles of wheat fields - flat country  


16/06/2007 twelfth day walking from Ingleby Cross to Urra

At Elstavale B&B at Ingleby Arncliffe
route follows some of the Cleveland way


17/06/2007 thirteenth day walking from Urra to Glaisdale

Leaving Maltkin House
Cleveland Way - Old Ironstone railway track in distance
Survey beacon on Urra Moor                                                                                                                  A view from the Ironstone track
Other C to C walkers from Australia?                                                                               Looking for direct descent route to our B&B in Glaisdale


18/06/2007 fourteenth day walking from Glaisdale to Robin Hoods Bay

House Farm
Stepping stones over River Esk  near Egton Bridge                                                                                                   Steam train railway platform at Grosmont
Steep hard uphill toil out of Grosmont
Resting at High Hawkser
The final headland before Robin Hood's Bay - partly obscured by fret (mist from sea)
Dipping our feet in the North Sea  
Ramblers' roll after a long trip                                                                                                                                                 At The Villa

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Coast to Coast - 1st half