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** not Sheffield Ramblers walk, OAL (open access land), BOP (break off point), ZZ (Zig Zag) 

Note - Not all Sheffield Ramblers walks listed, or walked by me, or photographed when walked. Some walks only photographed selectively.

           Leader - Susan Rushworth - 16 started - some broke off at scheduled points - length of full walk about 18km /11miles - some strenuous climbs. Positions of water Troughs only given at sharp changes of  direction.

           Leader Liz Savage - 16 on walk - distance about 17.5km / 11miles - snow in second half of walk made downhill walking slightly slower but made pictures more interesting in part.

           Leader Chris Morton - 11 in party - distance about 10miles


          Leader Liz Savage, 11 in party about 12 miles but with stiff climbs and some rough ground.         

          *photographer left walk here and went down Brough Lane then on short part of Roman Rd to Hope Road arriving at 14.55 to catch 272 bus to Sheffield at 15.00hrs (bus +about 15minute - late from Castleton then Bradwell)


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