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2019.10.08 -Tuesday - 'A' grade walk - (late start due to earlier ferry delay) - start ~NNE thru town Sallent de Gallego, join GR11 to dam Embalsa de la Sarra, ~NNW / ~N / ~NE / E along Rio Aguas Limpias towards Lake Embalse de Respomuso & Refugio de Respomuso (stopped short because of lack of time) - returned on same route - leader Hilary Bell

Map found on route - shows route clearly with GR11 marked. Dam Embalsa de la Sarra and Central Electrica a Sarra (possibly a hydro-plant?) shown
Map found on route - dam Embalsa de la Sarra.
 part of a rather beautiful mural

village climbing wall

Pilgrims Way Sign on the post itself
Dam - Embalsa de la Sarra & the building and switchyard (Central Electrica a Sarra). It looks as if it is a Hydro Plant but not clear where the penstock pipe is or comes from? Possibly Ibonciecho above it? This very steep area above is apparently much used by mountain bikers.
looking back at the dam and the Central Electrica a Sarra
Rio Aguas Limpias above the dam


possibly a penstock pipe indicated on this map above the power plant?

Rio Aguas Limpias

apparently potable water? from a spout above our heads - a chance to cool down

glimpse of the dam below


some turn back from about here but some went further on
on the way back - walkers turned back at several different points
looking back at Sallent de Gallego as we walk to parked coach

Pyrenees and Ordesa Gorge Oct 2019 index