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Worcester - July 2014  Rev

Edward Elgar - born & died in Worcester 1857 to 1934
The Guildhall built between 1721 & 1722 after reign of Queen Anne
Queen Anne
Carolus I (Charles)
Carolus II - Worcester saw the first & final battles of the English Civil Wars 1642 - 1651 
man with ears pinned back - believed to be Oliver Cromwell
Worcester Cathedral built in 1084 (replaced two earlier cathedrals built in 680 & 983)
Diglis Hotel
weir across River Severn
locks leading into several canal systems
canals starting from the River Severn
30 miles to Birmingham with 58 locks
Spire only remains from St Andrews Church demolished demolished after the 2nd World War
record of flood levels on wall of gate into Cathedral precinct
bridge across River Severn built in 1781 by John Gwynne
Cloister Garth

The Crypt


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