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2022.08.03 Summary of walk - Bus / car to Bakewell, then bus only to Youlgreave. Walk from Youlgreave via Gratton and Long Dales, thru Middleton & Over Haddon back to Bakewell.

Detail of walk - Start Youlgreave from Church / Main Street ~NNW down Holywell Lane to cross River Bradford at SK209:640 on FP up ~SE then down ~S to cross Mawstone Lane at SK211:637, continue ~S (passing Mawstone Farm / Bleakley Plantation) for ~1.5km then ~ 800m ~SSE to Cliff Lane, less than 100m down Lane then W / NW / W to Dale End House, ~S down road for ~100m then BW  SSW into and ~SSW along Gratton Dale for about 1.9km to meet Long Dale at SK210:597, follow in bottom of Dale ~WNW then NW to SK185:609 then W (slightly N) between woods (Bolderstone Plantations on map) to road at SK175:612, follow road ~N for about 700m to SK177:618, take FP ~ENE thru Ringham Low passing Little Rookery Plantation then Farm and joining Whitfield Lane turning NNE into road Rake Lane at SK192:831 and then ~400m on Rake Lane E into Middleton SK196:640, ~N (after ~100m just past Chapel take side trip to see Batemans Tomb), then return & continue ~NNE along road passing Castle Farm, pass Lomberdale Hall, leave road at SK199:640 and go ~N up thru Woods for ~100m then cross another road and continue north to cross Moor Lane to take FP ~NNW to cross Back Lane at SK196:648, ~NNE passing Meadow Place Grange to upper edge of Lathkill Dale at SK201:660, steep / slippery path ~E down Dale edge for ~300m then V turning WNW to cross ~N on FB over River Lathkill at SK213:661, winding road steeply up Northward to Parking / PC at SK203:664 in Over Haddon, ~E along Main Street to Inn at SK208:664, FP E then ENE to join road at SK212:665, ~ENE on road to Noton Barn Farm and take road to N for less than 100m, then continue ~N on FP for ~500m and turn ~ NNE down then up to the Cemeteries, NNW past the Cemeteries then NNE steeply down Lane & road into Bakewell. Leader Liz Savage 11 on walk about 13.5miles.


Some pictures taken in Bakewell before catching bus to Youlgreave

1 The River Wye with Bakewell's Church behind
3 further downstream on the River Wye
5 The stone arch bridge under the the A619 Road into Bakewell
8 looking up the River Wye from the stone bridge
12 just downstream of the stone bridge
16 The Rutland Arms Hotel with Bakewells War Memorial in front
17 flowers in the Park near the bus stops

Now in Youlgreave after coming from Bakewell in bus

22 seen down Hollywell Lane (on our way down to cross The River Bradford)
24 see above
26 coming down Hollywell Road
29 The bridge over The River Bradford at the bottom of Hollywell Lane
32 up the footpath from the bridge in picture above
34 looking across at Youlgreave Church
36 passing Mawstone Farm buildings
38 leader using map on cell phone to check route
39 pond below next to Hollow Farm
48 tea break
50 the way ahead
51 Dale End House on our route ahead zoomed into
56 passing stone from Burycliffe Quarry (long closed)
57 briefly on the road down to Elton
58 interesting notice on Elton village
59 The Burycliffe Troughs, where before 1940, drinking water was fetched in containers by Elton Villagers
63 Dale End House ahead
68 an Owl espied in Dale End House
69  --- and also a Peacock
74 seen from Bridleway en route to Gratton Dale
75 note on Limekiln - see next picture
76 Limekiln rather overgrown and difficult to orientate
77 part of Gratton Dale
80 Gratton Dale
82 approaching Long Dale from Gratton Dale (The Dales are roughly at a right-angle to  one another)
88 Long Dale
91 a glimpse somewhere aside of Long dale
95 The stones are inscribed but are very difficult to read or to decipher images. The writing apparently says : We meet to create memories and depart to cherish them
98 lunch break near inscribed stones
102 reaching the end of Long Dale and shortly to turn down through 'plantations'
113 In The Bolsterstone Plantation area
115 This stone seen on the side of path says in unconventional text - THE ROAD UP AND THE ROAD DOWN ARE ONE AND THE SAME
116 heading toward the side of the road
117 a 'temporary tented camp' on our route necessitated slight diversions on paths
123 Little Rookery Farm
127 apparently this is Middleton Hall
128 funghi
135 entrance to Middleton Hall
136 an attractive house
137 Middleton's Church is to the left. Do not know whether tower on right stores agricultural crops?
138 Not sure if this is the Original Bateman Arms? - see picture information board below
142 The Congregational Chapel - now apparently a private house
143 The tomb was visited but not photographed. The space for another grave is unused?
146 we passed this ruin as we headed North
149 numerous bales - possibly hay/ on un-named Farm
152 seen while heading through Meadow Grange Farm to its buildings
157 Meadow Grange Farm and it's buildings. Across Lathkill Dale (unseen below) one sees Over Haddon
161 Closer up to Meadow Grange Farm
163 some farm buildings built in 1851
164 at the footbridge crossing The River Lathkill
165 in tired haste through Lathkill Dale no pictures were taken but behind us is The Lathkil Hotel / Inn?
167 zoomed into the Church in Youlgreave
172 Un-named farm on map seen near school? as we go towards Bakewell
174 Where is this bell in the middle of Bakewell?
















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