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2022.06.29 – Start Edale Station SK123:854, ~N then NE on ‘Village Rd’, after passing Tourist Information Centre take FP ~ENE crossing Grinds Brook and on to Ollerbrook Farm, ~E thru Ollerbrook then ENE / then NNE to above Woodhouse Farm, ENE then NNE to Youth Hostel and cross ~E over Lady Booth Brook at SK140:866, ~SSE (diverging from brook) for ~250m, ~ENE on path on edge of OAL above  Clough Farm & continue to join vehicle track at SK149:869, on track ~ENE to SW corner of Backside Wood then NNW down to and ESE along Jaggers Clough, leave track (just before stream crossing up to Hope Cross) and continue on FP ~ E thru Backside Wood (on the S-side of stream), cross FB over stream then turn ~S to Upper Fulwood Farm, on access road ~S to Bagshaw Bridge but do not cross, turn ~E then SSE following above the RIVER NOE, join Edale Rd  at SK167:857, follow road ~S for very short distance then turn ~W under the Railway Embkt, but take access road ~N to Normans Farm and across River Noe, follow edge of river ~W then SSW then ~S above River to Lose Hill Lane at SK166:845, ~SE to Edale Rd (South of Townhead Bridge), 300m ~SSE down Edale Rd. and take FP ~SW for 200m then FP ~SE crossing on FB (above rail track to Hope Cement Plant) and continuing SE then ~S to Hope Rd. SK172.835, continue S for about 240m to rd junct and take SSE branch for about 100m, take FP ~ESE then ~SSE to Roman Rd & cross it to Brough, continue ~E along Town Field Lane (or FP alongside it) to cross Ford then  turn directly S into Shatton Lane and immediately E on FP about 200m long before continuing on tarred un-named Lane going E / S towards (but short of Offerton), at SK 213:815 take FP NNE to The River Derwent, follow the D.V.H.WAY eastward along the River (& turning with it) to Leadmill Bridge, and cross ~N over the river, continue ~N on the B6001 under the Railway Bridge and then right toward Hathersage Railway Station.

 Leader Dave Jefferies, 12 on walk, about 12.3 miles long.  

03 Leaders briefing at Edale Station
04 Map showing the Vale of Edale and in particular The River Noe alongside the Vale's road with no continuous Foot Path along it. Note also the comment about Booths - in medieval times - these were herdsmen shelters 
04a an artists striking impression of The Vale of Edale
05 The Hope Valley Line - our access from Sheffield or Hathersage to Edale (this was fotunately an alternate week without a rail strike)
08 starting up the 'Village' road past the Ramblers Inn (which I first visited about 60 years ago when working on the construction of a Power Plant in Doncaster)
08a Edale Church Spire and some other stone slab roofs particular to The Peak District
09 crossing a Foot Bridge after The Tourist Information centre East over Grinds Brook
10 looking back at Grinds Brook lined with trees with Kinder behind in centre and Grindslow Knoll top left?
14 striking and unusual artwork in garden
20 house zoomed into on the Southside of the Vale of Edale (see also next picture 22 where house is natural size (about 1/6 picture width from left)
24 Grindslow Knoll again
28 Lose Hill across the Vale with Nether Booth below
29 walking along a once boundary hedge which has outgrown it's purpose?
32 nearing Edale Youth Hostel
33 looking across Vale to ridge up to Mam Tor. House in centre picture - see pict 20 again
34 Back Tor across Vale
35 Rail track and road (below) curve towards Hope. Woodlands on slope lead up to Win Hill (unseen). The Roman Road inclines down from Hope Cross unseen to left. 
38a Edale Youth Hostel
43 Footbridge beyond Youth Hostel over Lady Booth Brook
55 train below in the Vale of Edale below Back Tor
57 Lose Hill and Back Tor across the valley
63 very long freight trains also use the Hope Valley rail route
78 now on the vehicle track which runs roughly from below Clough Farm up then down to Jaggers Clough then up towaeds The Roman Road (near to Hope Cross)
81 as above
82 sheep on the scrounge for 'ham sandwichws'/

99 ascending on vehicle track towards bottom of Jaggers Clough - seen here in front of us going up towards - Kinder probably higher than seen here 
101 turning downwards towards stream
102 the vehicle track crosses the stream down Jaggers and goes up towards Hope Cross. 
103 we left the vehicle track and took the Footpath through Backside Wood
104 over the stile into Backdide Wood
116 Jaggers Clough stream along Backside Wood

119 now outside the woods
122 mini bridges over small gullies
126 we passed sign back to Jaggers Clough
127 Lose Hill in view as we walk towards Edale End / Upper Fulwood farm
134 approaching Upper Fulwood Farm

144 First view of The River Noe!
147 heading toward Norm,an Farm
151 The River Noe now well below us
163 The River Noe passes under Edale Road (just visible at top) and the Railway track (much higher above the road)
166 The River Noe seen from the access road to Normans Farm (after the river has passed under the Edale Road and the Railway Track From Hope to Edale
168 Normans Farm (1066 and all that?)
171 walking thru Normans farm near The River Noe

178 house behind us
182 last glimpse of The River Noe?
184 Hotel off Lose Hill Lane (one route up to Lose Hill behind)
189 pigs behind a gate
192 on the outer fringes of Hope
194 turning up from Edale Road (about 350m South of Townhead Bridge)
195 view of Mam Tor - see people above near Trig Beacon and landslipped road below
198 crossing footbridge over rail track to Hope Cement Plant 
199 zoomed into Hope Cement Plant
202 just across Hope Main Road and just West of Hope Church
204 use 'control +' to enlarge and read
206 Lose Hill behind us as we head towards Brough
218 The River Noe is to our North below us and parallel to Station Road near Hope - unfortunately no footpath close to it.
219 reaching the B6049 Road - yet another Roman Road. We are about to cross it to Brough. The River Noe and the old mill is about 150m NE of this poin.t
220 Brough in Bloom
221 heading up East toward Townfield Lane
222 Elmore Hill Farm ~SW of us (there is a FP thru this farm)
226 heading East on Townfield Lane - therr is a parallel footpath on it's edge for part of the Lane
221 on short FP just to SE of Ford which joins tarred Lane passing  - Westfield, Garner House and Glover Barn all to South of this Lane - leading toward Offerton Hall
228 zoomed into 'rail works on Hope Valley Line' apparently to speed up both passenger and freight traffic
229 zoomed into Millstone Edge and Over Owler Tor? to the left above i.t
231 we did not go into Offerton but turned down On a FP SSE to The River Derwent
234 a tea break before reaching the Derwent
237 The River Derwent
238 crossing Old Clough stream just before The River Derwent
239 These stepping stones seem to be frequently disrupted (stones washed away by floods) so that safe crossing is uncertain. Access from the West Eastward into Hathersage (possibly planned, beforehand on maps by strangers to the area, is then found to be very dubious and continuing a long way further to Leadmill Bridge and then doubling back becomes the main route into Hathersage). Ideally there should be a footbridge at this point to maintain Footpath Right of Way safely.  As this route is part of the popular The Derwent Valley Heritage Way it would seem important. Can it be crowd-funded? with a toll box for passing walkers?
242 what birds are in this blurred picture?
243 ducks / ducklings in the same area - photographed just after
244 to Leadmill Bridge
245 looking upstream at The River Derwent from Leadmill Bridge

It would be nice to have a full River Noe 'Heritage Way' from Edale to Bamford but footpaths close to the river appear to be lacking and discontinuous

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