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2022.06.12 ** Linear 8 mile solo walk, start A57 Road bus stop at SK231.879, on Sheffield Country Walk (SCW) ~N passed Moscar Lodge to see Moscar Cross & then ~400m ENE, passing Moscar Cross Farm, FP at  SK235.885 ~ NNW ~1km to Sugworth Rd, & 300m NE on rd to entrance Sugworth Hall, ~250m toward Hall then N on Path bypassing Hall (on its E-side thru Rhododendrons), (deviate to see Tower) then re-join SCW passing Strines Reser Embkt then ENE thru Andrew Wood to join at SK244.912 Blindside Lane (tarred narrow road with some traffic), follow lane Eastward for ~1.5km but about 100m before Annet Bridge take FP ~E initially above Dale Dike Reser overflow brook ~ 1km to Mill Hill Rd, ~N passing The Plough Inn, The Filter Works housing development, etc, to take Road Bridge ~E below Sports Fields (leaving SCW briefly) then N along the side of field to PC., rejoin SCW at end of FB across Agden Reser Spillway brook, going up NE to cross road at SK264.923, ~ENE for ~500m up to High Bradfield Church, leave SCW, & go NE on FP crossing Brown House Lane at SK268.926, NE then ENE up to and across Delf Road at SK274.930, FP ~E then NNE to Onesacre Road & ~140m ~ENE  to Road Intersection, ~500m ESE on Onesmoor Bottom Road, then (at SK284.933) FP E to and thru Lumbs Bush, initially well above brook but later crossing brook to path junction at SK293.932, follow path NNE along wall for ~100m to a joining wall & follow this wall ESE to & thru opening in wall then ~ENE to and over Ladder Stile continuing on FP to further Ladder Stile onto road near Onesacre at SK297.934, 200m on road ~E passing Onesacre, then take FP NNE  for ~500m between fields to the E-end of Lumb Lane / Horse Croft Lane (un-named on map), N / E on Horse Croft Lane for short distance then FP ~E (close to Houses) to join Cockshutts Lane ~ESE down to Oughtibridge and River Don (and Road Bridge over it near bus stop)  

2 Avenue from A57 Road Bus Stop up to Moscar Lodge
3 Moscar Lodge
4 Window on Moscar Lodge giving date - not sure what MF stands for?
9 view from 'Avenue' with Winhill Pike top left, A57 road runs down alongside Ladybower Brook, part of Kinder Scout top right
11 zoomed into Wheelstones on Derwent Edge

15 Moscar Cross - note E before I spelling in Sheffield
19 Hathersage on this face (could not see 4th face). Not sure what direction convention used here?
18 Bradfield on one face
22 Moscar Cross House
24 passed Moscar Cross Farm
28 Footpath (after passing Moscar Cross Farm) goes down to Sugworth Road
36 The Tower (often called Boot's Folly) seen below - visited it later. Note unshorn sheep moulting. Note the invasive Rhododendron.
42 Bents House below Sugworth Road
45 another picture of Bents House
54 Entrance Gates to Sugworth Hall with Footpath entrance to left - no need to open gates
59 zoomed into front of Sugworth House without leaving footpath
61 The footpath bypasses Sugworth Hall by 'tunnel' through the Rhododendrons which have been cut back somewhat
67 on visit to Tower turned round seeing Sugworth Hall complex
68 The Tower (Boots Folly)

70 looking up Boots Folly where the original access up to viewing platform has been removed
71 view of The Strines Inn with othe buildings?
72 Strines Reservoir
77 Strines Reservoir spillway under overhead lines, Dale Dike reservoir below
94 Strines Reservoir embankment - grass recently cut? House in 'The Brogging' at far side. Not sure what 'brogging' means?
96 a better view of Strines Inn showing entrance
107 dead tree seen from Sheffield Country Way path down after passing Strines
111 Orchid

122 Blue Bells entwined with other species
125 Footbridge over small 'stream'
127 a meadow
139 thistle
140 Hallfield on West side of Dale Dike reservoir zoomed into. Easier to see from far side as views from diverted footpath are blocked by close by high hedge
142 Thompson House Farm?
147 through Andrew Wood (and other Woods) toward Blindside Lane (narrow tarred road with some vehicle traffic)
167 on side of Blindside Lane - rose hips from previous year?
171 wild rose
174 one of a few houses on Blindside Lane
178 cows near above house
180 Walker House / Farm? across river below Dale Dike Reservoir
185 before Annet Bridge Footpath turns off
187 Annet Bridge seen skew behind from Footpath
191 stream from Dale Dike Reservoir below us
193 Footpath on slopes in part
195 Dry Stone wall being rebuilt - nicer than barbed wire fences.
200 The Plough Inn
201 The Filterworks being rebuilt hopefully as a mini housing estate?
204 The Bradfield Council Buildings
206 Church in Low Bradfield now a Private House
209 Bridge over Agden Reservoir stream overflow - turned across bridge (leaving Sheffield Country Walk) and passing around Cricket Field perimeter to PC and rejoined SCW at Footbridge just to North
211 However, Agden Reservoir overflow stream seen below road bridge in previous picture
212 houses on edge of Bowling Green and Cricket Field
213 Cricket Field
218 Post Office / local shop -  for refreshments
219 Cricket Field again
221 rejoined Sheffield Country Walk below concrete lined Spillway & at footbridge lower down over this channel 
222 went steeply up Footpath to side of this house
225 came out at this Footpath sign and crossed road
228 High Bradfield's Church
232 passed High Bradfield's Church and left SCW turning up Janes Lane below.
234 on leaving Church, followed Jane's Lane (road sign to right on edge of picture) up to Brown House Lane
237  Crossed Brown House Lane above the horse drinking trough onto Footpath
244 view back shows Dale Dike Reservoir and glimpse of Strines Reservoir higher up to left
254 another dead tree - seen in Brittauins Plantation
263 growth along Onesmoor Bottom (road)
265 footpath through dense crop in part to Lumb Bush
274 steep steps further down into Lumb Bush and then up / down ladder stile
277 after ladder stile down this path
288 Onesacre seen in distance - some Footpaths through this dense crop (which overgrows FPs)

293 a glimpse of part of Onesacre's garden from Ladder Stile
294 Onesacre (mentioned in Doomsday Book
295 more of Onesacre
298 seen from Footpath going NNE (to later join Cockshutt Lane going down to Oughtibridge
299 a glance back to Onesacre
301Oughtibridge seen below
304 a very old Kissing Gate
306 to find ones way from here down Cockshutts Lane
311 The River Don upstream seen from road bridge on Station Road crossing it.

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