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2022.06.01 Linear Walk from Bakewell, ~12 miles with two steep ascents, via Edensor, River Derwent, Beeley (village), Chatsworth (and its Edge) to Baslow (Nether End) – fairly strenuous.

Start in Bakewall corner of Market Street & Granby Rd (SK219.685), ~E across 2 FBs (with Padlocks) over River Wye, turn directly sharp N onto footpath turning ~ENE to cross Coombs Rd and onto FP ENE up to & across FB at SK226.687 over Monsal Trail, then NW down to & ~400m along Trail to the old Bakewell Railway Stn. Turn left into Stn Parking Area, then turn NNW up road (crossing M.Trail below), take BW ~ENE off road steeply up to road (just passed Ball Cross Farm), take FP ~SE past Moatless Plantation down to pond, ~E thru Calton Pastures (pass well above Calton House) and turn ~N thru New Piece Wood and then ~NNE on FP to Edensor, NE thru Edensor to cross B6017 Rd, ~E on FP but before Rd bridge to Chatsworth House, cross road, turn southward following River Derwent for about 1.5km, change River bank when crossing River Road Bridge at SK261.684 and continue ~S for ~900m, cross road E to the Church in Beeley (SK265.676), ~ESE then ~ENE on Road thru Beeley and continue on Track / FP along / above Beeley Brook, at SK276.678 leave FP and take path / track thru woods closer to Brook turning ~E  steeply up thru Hell Bank Plantation then NE then NW to SK283.684 (OAL), ~W then ~NW thru ‘Rabbit Warren’ moor to SK270.691 to enter woods  on ‘Edge’ above Chatsworth, ~200m ~W to Edge and ~N along it (on road tracks), at ~SK267.700 turn down passing artificial Pond & Waterfall and continue NNW then W (thru maintenance compounds & Farmyard Shop) to SK261.704, ~N on Road (to see airplane sculpture) then joining D.V.H.Way to Baslow (Lower part)..--- Leader Simon Gray - 18 on walk - Wednesday  

7 Looking up The River Wye from the 'padlock' footbridge
9 The Queens Platinum Jubilee - 70years on the Throne occurred the day after this walk
12 looking back at Bakewell's Church
15 have just come down from footbridge onto the Monsal Trail
17 walking toward 'Bakewell's old railway station
19 road bridge before Bakewell's old railway station
20 The railway station - the tracks have been filled in up to plarform level
22 close up of facade decorations
23 the station - where passengers arrived & depaered
25 The station seen from road bridge (the bridge we passed under in picture 19
28 The 'Station Master's House, on Station Road, well above rhe station
29 on the Bridleway up toward road just beyond Ballcross Farm buildings
30 crossing the golf course after sounding a gong warning golfers of our ptesence - not too sure this is effective - bring a hard hat?
33 ducking under fallen trees across route
37 a glimpse of Ballcross Farm
38 some still arriving from bridleway
39 went up road and photographed Ballcross Farm from unimpeded spot (while waiting for tail-end walkers up Bridleway)
43 now on Footpath through 'Moatless Plantation'
52 zoomed ito pond ahead of us.
55 teabreak in Moatless Plantation
58 rain came at teabreak and we donned 'wetgear' - and of course rain then stopped.
62 looking back at pond as we enter Calton Pastures
65 yellow patches are probably recently mown fields of grass for fodder?
69 Calton Houses ahead of us, but we turned off through New Piece Wood well before towards Mauds Plantation and Edensor
76 emerging from New Piece Wood towards Mauds Plantation
78 At top left The Hunting Tower built in 1570 (surviving from Elizabeth I era). Below Chatsworth House is in middle with ancillary buildings behind. The Water fountain is to the right. The River Derwent is just visible. We later walked on the high ground (Edge) behind Chatsworth to its right (seeing the 'folly' in pictures 195 & 198) before descending skew to below The Hunting Tower.
79 closer in to Chatsworth House - River Derwent just before it.
83 sheep lolling under trees despite it not being warm
90 Spire of Edensor Church ahead
94 keeping ones hoofs dry
96 first house seen from our footpath into Edensor
97 Laburnum trees with yellow flowers.
99 Edensor Church
105 path from Edensor toward Chatsworth
106 looking back at Edensor
107 how many years old was this tree?
108 and how many years to decay to this stage?
109 a new species of horizontal tree? only found in Chatsworth?
112 cutting down from footpath towards The River Derwent
114 The River Derwent
116 and again
119 heron took off just as I took picture
121 Not sure if this is the same heron seen several times along the river
124 series of weirs along the river - one of which probably powered the old mill.
131 the same heron again?
137 the bridge crossing the River Derwent between Beeley Lodge* and Calton Lees - *(Beeley Lodge is not in Beeley 'village')
138 houses seen before the bridge
140 The old mill seen to the left of the River Derwent as one looks upstream from the bridge
141 looking downstream from the bridge
143 The  bridge we crossed
148 lambs giving their mother no rest
150 Beeley (village) church - St Annes
151 Dorset House (opposite St Anne's Church). The house is a listed building in Beeley (of which there are many)
152 another view of St Annes
155 The Dukes Barn - now an adventure centre
162 now on track close to Beeley brook
172 crossing Beeley Brook at the top
173 into Open Access Land (Rabbit Warren)
179 towards the woods on the Edge above Chatsworth
183 Beeley Hilltop Farm seen below
186 History of the woods above Chatsworth
191 turning down passed artificial pond and falls
195 The 'water conduit' supported by stone arches is visible below us with Chatsworth House also just seen. (see also next picture 198)
198 The structure, known as the Aqueduct in this picture, and 195 above, was built as a 'folly' under Joseph Paxton's direction in the 1830's to 40's. It was perhaps inspired by the Roman Aqueduct built in Segovia, Spain  Paxton was from 1826 Superintendent of the Gardens at Chatsworth and became a friend of The Duke of Devonshire. The house where he lived is marked on the estate.

Sir Joseph Paxton was The Architect of The Crystal Palace for The Great Exhibition in London of 1851. The Crystal Palace was erected amazingly quickly from prefabricated elements of Iron and glass - see Wikipedia

201 zoomed into a clock tower
202 we passed this Farmyard Shop
206 Espied a mechanical horse (not yet converted from diesel to battery power)
217 then, walking toward Nether Baslow, espied this unique airplane - apparently not flying because of congestion over this bank holiday weekend and a lack of staff.
216 Perchance found a tree (centre), planted 70 years ago in Chatsworth Park, to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II coronation in 1953 (plaque below)
218 We passed these thatched cottages and Bar Brook, a minor unseen tributary to our left (to the River Derwent), on our way to Nether End in Baslow
230 Map showing Baslow ( & Nether End) in relation to Chatsworth Park

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