2022.05.11 Start SK207.825 Bamford Bus turning circle (off A6103 Rd & SW of Rly Stn), ~W on minor (cul de sac) rd to cross FB (next to A6187 Rd) over The River Derwent, and continue on A6187 curving to W for 200m, cross road ~S into Shatton Lane turning ~W and take road (a cul de sac) ~W and join FP ~WSW to cross Town Field Lane and follow FP (on roads upper bank South - side) ~W, pass private access into Upper Shatton and pass FP to Elsmore Hall Farm, continue ~W thru Brough,  cross the B6049 and ~W on road bridge over stream and directly turn ~N on FP  turning ~WNW to join minor rd, ~NW for 120m to a road junct at SK172.833, follow  rd (from Hope) ~SSW for ~40m from junct and take FP WSWcrossing rail track  then W under Peakhole Warer, turn NW then W to join Castleton Rd at SK154.832 SW passing bus station & toilets then road turns~W, then ~S then ~W again for ~150m to SK149.830 Information Centre / Toilets / Parking etc  (took break here), cross S over rd and follow stream ~SSW then Rd & track passing Goosehill Hall (unseen), FP SW then NW to Speedwell Cavern / bottom of Winnats Pass, follow path (near road edge on it's N-side) up the Pass turning NW at top past Winnats Head Farm, FP ~WNW to & across rd then NNW to the road (to Edale) at the bottom of Mam Tor, take stone steps ~NE up to the Trig Point on Mam Tor, follow path ~N turning ENE to Hollins Cross, ~ENE on to Barker Bank (upper path) then party split - alternately to enter / pass thru Brocket Booth Plantation - or turn off up to Lose Hill and down to party re-union point at SK155.851, ~ESE down Lose Hill to Townhead then down to Edale Rd, SSE down rd under 'Cement Plant rail track' and continuing for ~320m crossing ~NE over The River Noe (Killhill Bridge) and  ~E beyond to cemetery to pass under Main Line Railway to & thru Birchfield Park past Fairfield Farm to join road NNE / E to Ashton (but passing it ~E on FP) and rejoining road before Ashton Hall, continue on road ~E / SE to Thornhill, and take track ~SSE for ~500m to meet the The River Derwent Heritage Way  and cross it, turning past the  Quaker Centre then ESE on minor road crossing The River Derwent just before Station Rd and ~S down Stn Road to Bamford Station - catch train back to Sheffield. Leader Malcolm Dixon - 9 on walk - Wednesday - max distance 13.5 miles - poor weather rain prevented picture taking for much of walk. Several possible Break off points but none taken.

group photograph - taken on way bak to Bamford