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2022.03.23 Foolow Round Walk - No 65 Bus stop (SK191.767) - ~W passed PH The Bulls Head toward S-side of pond, FP below Manor Farm ~WSW turning to Stanley House, ~SSE to Wardlow Mires, short distance ~W along A623 Rd & cross to FP passing W (well below) on N-side of Peter Stone in Cressbrook Dale & follow ~S / SE climbing up / SSW to Gate (SK174.741), ~ESE thru OAL ~500m climbing up to Wardlow Hay Cop 370m altitude (Trig Beacon  at SK179.740), ~SW down to SK178.737 - take path marked in dotted orange on OS map, roughly SSE to SK177.735 (OAL boundary) then ESE for 400m down to Minor Road, ~NE for 700m up M- rd to B6465 Rd, & V-turn S down it for ~200m, take FP ~S for ~700m turning ESE to join at SK190.728 a Byway ~ESE then SSE down to Dale Farm, ~E for 140m then ~S down Moor Lane then ESE into Great Longstone, (pass FP to church) but take next road ~NNE past Church, at SK202.720 take FP ~NNE to Longstone Edge, continue NNE to Black Harry Gate, turn WNW towards pond, at SK203.744  turn NE for ~550m, then NW to Cavendish Mill, turn NE for ~750m down to the A635 Road, (~SK210.759), and cross, just to East join FP up ~NE thru N thru Middleton Dale then ~N into outskirts Eyam, At SK212.765 a few of party turn W on FP back 2km to cars in Foolow, majority go into Eyam for coffee and bus back to Sheffield. Leader Liz |Savage - 17 on walk - 12miles - very good weather - interesting new paths for many

16) The Bulls Head

21) Old gas light near The Bulls Head
1) Foolow's Pond (no ducks?)
3) as above

13) The Village Cross
14) note about cross
23) heading toward Stanley House
26) looking behind (North) at Husklow Edge
28) Peter Stone in middle, Stanley House to right of this gloomy picture
41) daffodils near Stanley House
43) passing Stanley House
51) Stanley House behind us
52) Peter Stone seen here across the A623 Road
44 & 55) Three Stags Heads PH (the notice is on the far side of the road)
56) entering Cressbrook Dale
57) Notice about Cressbrook Dale
59) Peter Stone ahead
64) morning tea break in Cressbrook Dale before reaching Peter Stone
67) typical bank of Cressbrook Dale
74) walking in the bottom of the dale
81) Cressbrook Dale turns towards Ravensdale Cottages etc here. We climb up out of the bottomm of the Dale
83) looking down at the bottom of valley we followed. Litton visible at far top
92) climbing out of Dale
93) Litton in distance seen across the top of Cressbrook Dale
102) heading toward Wardlow Hay Cop
103) starting to climb up to Wardlow Hay Cop
106) zoomed into Wardlow Mires below
107) Wardlow Mires (on left edge & mid height of picture). Wardlow Farms closer to camera
108) up to the Cop
113) Trig Beacon on Wardlow Hay Cop
118) more pictures below Cop. This one looks across at Litton Edge?
120) starting on the way down following a different route to the way taken up

122) passed a weather station
129) recently rebuilt dry stone wall
133) descending down to minor road
134) a view ahead of the minor road we later walked up
138) down to the Minor Road
142) This sign unfortunately does not show the position of Wardlow Hay Cop a major viewpoint (up to date OS maps show the Cop and paths to it more clearly)
142a) as far as I can see on the OS map - the walk from the A623 Road through Cressbrook Dale then up to Wardlow Hay Cop and down to the minor road is all in Open Access Land.
145) We walked up the minor Road, then followed the B6465 Road in the Ashford direction to reach and turnoff on our FP
151) view from footpath ~ Northwest to Wardlow Hay Cop
153) as above picture - with one of our walkers in 'red' on FP
154) Dewpond passed - fenced off so that farm animals don't drink from them
160) lunch break
162) heading toward Byway
167 on Byway?
169) paraglider
171) paraglider landing?
174) a house before Dale Farm Camp Site
178) Dale Farm Camp Site
178) large house near Moor Lane
180) The Hall in Great Longstone
182) The Crispin PH
183) mosaic in bus shelter celebrating Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee
184) Cross at Great Longstone
185) White Lion PH
189) passed this fishpond on side of road up to and passing Parish Church
194) Great Longstone Parish Church
196) derelict farm building?
197) up from Great Longstone to Longstone Edge
206) We headed down to Black Harry Gate then turned on unpaved roads - towards this settling pond and then turned again toward Cavendish Mill. From the Mill we went down to & across the A635 Road
208) heading toward Eyam on Footpath - parallel to road for a short distance before turning upward to Eyam
209) Footpath passes through old quarry area
213) passed this entrance to Horse Shoe Quarry. Do not enter!
215) Glimpse back at part of Eyam. Most of party stopped for a 'break' in Eyam before catching bus to Sheffield.. Car drivers and passengers returned to Foolow
217) Black Hole Mine. Eyam Edge above it
219) zoomed closer up to 'mine'
224)Approaching  Foolow - picture taken  toward sun appears  'dark' - which it was not.

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