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2022.03.06 Bakewell, (pay P.C), NE on Granby Rd, ~E across FB SK220.685 (with locks) over River Derwent, continue to Agricultural Show Cafes, ~ NE to Coombs Rd & SE along it passing under Monsal Trail 'rail viaduct', thru Coombs Farm, join BW ~SSE passing (unseen reser) then ~E turning ESE thru Bouns Corner, then ~S on its edge, SE to top of Rowsley, S then SE thru Rowsley to A6 Rd near Peacock Inn, cross towards & past School, ~W to Mill for tea break, then return ~S over River Wye & continue to gate of Stanton Woodhouse (SK257.644, ~W for a very short distance then continue ~SSW past the S W Farm, continue on FP SSE then SSW to pass the Endcliffe Quarry (dis) up to a road, NNW on road to SK253.637, V-turn S on FP which gradually turns N past Lees Cross Quarries (dis), at ~SK250.639 V-turn ~SSW to pass the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, continue to junct of FP's at SK247.628, take FP to W to The Cork Stone (below the New Quarry (dis), and continue to the road (Birchover Rd), ~S on this rd and take FP to West at SK241.625, which turns SW on a ridge thru Dungeon Plantation (on the N-side of Birchover), exit on Rd at SK237.622 (near PH), take FP ~W past Church then later WSW to exit at the B5056 Rd at SK229.620, ~200m S on road, join The Limestone Way ~N bending NW between Robin Hoods Stride & Hermits Cave, continue NNW to rd, leave L S Way and take access way ~WNW to Harthill Moor Farm, skirt to West around farm on FP which turns NNW to rejoin The L.S. Way ~NNW to The River Bradford at SK214.640, leave L Way and follow FP ~NE along The River Bradford to Alport, cross Alport Lane ~N at SK220.645 and follow The River Lathkill WNW then NW toward Raper Lodge, follow Lane NE over The River Lathkill, (BW incorrectly shown on Map), follow 'old track on map' ~NW up to SK215.653, path ~ E just to N-side of Barn, follow track along drystone wall ~N to join Road (close to Trig Beacon), follow road ~N about 180m past Noton Barn Farm, follow Intake Lane ~NE down to Haddon Rd (A6) at SK223.677, follow Road ~NW for ~100m then FP thru 'houses' and Park back to start in Bakewell. Leader Andrew Irwin, Sunday, 12 on walk, about 13miles - excellent weather!

(I took the alternate (earlier) 257 bus leaving at 16.25 from Bakewell via Eyam (no passengers picked up there). Most passengers (students) boarded at Bakewell, then many between Bamford and the A57 at Ladybower Inn, Followed the A57 back to Sheffield dropping off in town but not picking up any passengers No bus presently serves Fairholmes near the Derwent Dam - access regretfully only by car)

5) Weir in River Derwent at Bakewell. Main stone arch access road bridge into Bakewell at back
7) Pedestrian bridge with locks


9) passing cafes in Agricultural Show building
11) Mansion on Coombs Road
16) some of this seasons lambs have already been born
19) Stone viaduct for railway to Manchester - now takes Monsal Trail
26) Coombs Farm
RB) picture of photographer Tony Allsopp taken by Richard Bennett
45) descending to Rowsley
49) River Wye seen behind Farm - thus probably Wye Farm?
51) down to Rowsley
55) Church just off road down to Rowsley. Some workmen killed during the construction of the now disused railway line are buried here
57) In Zanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome ------
60) Rowsley Post Office and general store
62) The Peacock Inn
63) Caldwell Mill where we had morning tea
66) The mill
67) informative notice
68) another view of the mill
71) the mill head race canalised from The River Wye
72) The Mill and Heas Race
85) The River Wye downstream of road bridge we crossed South / East of Mill on our route to Stanton Woodhouse. The River Wye meges with the River Derwent not far from the bridge
87) Is This Peak Tor?
89) a once barn replaced by a Silo
93) The main hall entrance to Stanton Woodhouse
97) passing some of the farm buildings
100) a glimpse of the hall
104) looking back mainly at farm buildings
107) decayed quarry buildings
113) quarry face
121a) probably uncompleted grinding stone
125) The Nine Ladies Stone Circle
127) Control + to enlarge and hopefully reas - or try Wikipedia
129) can only count 8 stones?
131b) view to East (Matlock way)
132) View to East
134) The Cork Stone - see descriptive notice picture 139
136) New Peak Quarry (dis) behind The Cork Stone
143) following 'ridge' above Birchover Houses
146) houses in Birchover seen from ridge
150) Snowdrops
151) Crocus
153) The Druids Inn seen after sescending from the ridge
155) another view of The Druids Inn
156) Church passed on way down to the B5056 Road
158) pond passed
159) zoomed into distant buildings
162) Belted Galloway Cattle
165) Rock Massif Hermits Cave seen on way down to road
166) Robin Hoods Stride also seen on way down to road
168) met Ramblers Leader (to tight) and partner on another walk
170) part of  track here to Gratcliff Cottage is also a part of The Limestone Way going up to Robin Hoods Stride
172) Robin Hoods Stride
176) lunch break on way up to Robin Hoods Stride
179) up towards Robin Hoods Stride
181) as above
182) Zoomed into Stone Circle seen in distance when starting on way from Robin Hoods Stride toward Harthill Moor Farm
183) looking back at Robin Hoods Stride
184) turning into Harthill Moor Farm
187) lake near Hollow Farm
191) on way toward Youlgreave and River Bradford
195) Hollow Farm and Lake
198) Youlgreave ahead of us
200) what type of farming operation
202) Youlgreave Church at top
205) River Bradford - we crossed it at road from where this ohoto is taken
206)  path to Alport along The River Bradford
208) ?
209) Farm to West of Alport
213) River Larhkill passes under Alport Lane and emerges as in picture - merges with River Bradford
214) River Lathkill above Alport Lane
216) following River Lathkill to Raper Lodge
217b) Mandarin ducks
219) Pond on River Lathkill near Raper Lodge
221) downstream of pond
224) group photo on bridge across pond
232) Barn well above River Lathkill
233) zoomed into Over Haddon
236) coming from the un named barn toward Noton Barn Farm
237) on road to Noton Barn Farm below (now a Cattery)
240) Seen from Intake Lane (on way back to Bakewell)

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