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2022.02.16 Penistone Station SE251.033, ~ESE along TPTrail (diverting to see 'Engine Turning Circle' and 'Tank loading Ramp'), rejoin TPT, just  past Castle Green turn off at SE258.027 ~S then immediately SW to Long Lane, some meters ~S on Lane & take stile leading ~S (along the east side) of Castle Dam, past the South end of dam turn ~W then ~N towards (but short of) New House Farm turn ~ ESE towards the South End of Cubley onto Mortimer Rd ~S for 50m then turn ~W on Joan Royd Lane (not sign posted) for about 260m, take FP ~SW joining path running ~S to Mossley Rd & ~ 50m E along M.Rd before turning ~S again passing Judd Field and continuing S (slightly W) down to the Bend in Mortimer Rd (above the A616 Rd and the West end of Underbank Reser.), follow the Barnsley Boundary Walk westward above the A61 Rd (along embankment of old railway dam construction track), at SE213.006 turn S toward the A61 Rd (near the Cafe / PH / Langsett Dam Embankment). ~W via P.C to benches in Parking Area. Re Cross A61 Rd at SE211.005 & NW up Castle Hill turning N to join Manchester Rd (at bend) and follow ~N for 0.5km, taking track / FP ~W for ~80m then Northward up to Mill, W across bridge then pass W on Aouthern side of Mill then N / WNW thru Catshaw, then ~N to Lee Lane and ~150m W along it, FP ~NNE for ~180m then NW thru Flash House Farm, minor rd ~NE down & up to Small Shaw, FP ~ESE to The Knoll then ~NE then E past Whitley House (OAL) to Whitley Rd, ~W across W. Rd and NNE up Royd Moor Hill turning E then SSE then ESE then E down track into Thurlstone joining A628 Rd and cross River Don, about 50m? past crossing turn up ~SSE to Trans Pennine / Upper Don Trail, follow trail Eastward for ~1.3km back to Penistone Station.  Leader John Taylor - Wednesday - 18 on walk - about 12 miles - heavy rain for most of walk - few photographs.

Some Photographs in Dry before walk in Penistone

St John The Baptist Church in Penistone

Drawing the Line - poem by Julie mellor


Some Photographs taken on route shielding camera lens from rain where possible

Penistone Station used to be a mainline station between Sheffield and Manchester until this service was suspended
The Station which is still on the Sheffield Huddersfield line
Penistone was an important steel making centre
not too clear why this electrified line was stopped - with hindsight it seems a strange descion
Penistone railway turntable
a tank loading ramp used in the Second World War
some pictures taken before the rainy weather worsened
Castle Dam
Windmills taken on our return leg
the windmill viewing platform

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