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2022.01.23 Start PCs at SK299.602 in Hall Lea Park in Matlock off A615 Rd, ~SE then then SW past Band Stand, SE alongside miniature train track ~SSW up Stoney Way to pass Church on  Church Street & follow street SW then S, but take FP ~ESE (below Ed. Facility) turning up SE then E below Riber Castle, continue on road to Riber Hall Farm, take FP ~ENE toward Daisy Bank Farm then turn ENE on access rd up to Rd ~S to junction with Carr Lane, but turn ~ESE to Wood Lane but almost immediately turn ~S on Rd / FP to pass between Church & Manor Farms up to John The Baptist Church, Dethick (tea break), SSE then S on FP thru part of Swinepark Wood to cross FB and climb steps up to road in Lea, ~W along Rd passing PH and up to junct of roads, but take steep FP down WNW thru field, continue Westward on FP passing above Coumbs Wood, up to Hearthstone Lane but turn ~S passing Meadow Wood then Castletop Farms, turn West then U-turn ~ESE thru Bow Wood then down S to road to cross FB at SK315.560 over The River Derwent, continue short distance to Cromford Canal / High Peak Junction (lunch break / PC), follow High Peak Trail up ~W but turn off parallel on South side of Trail and pass under trail at SK304.562, continue on FP (not BW) westward to Moorside and the B5036 Rd. follow road then FP ~NNE up to A5012 Rd, cross road then take steep track / FP ~NE up to disused Quarry follow track North  & West around (largely unseen quarry) to Town End Farm then ~NW to Bonsall (tea break opposite Church), leave Bonsall on Road Eastward to below Ember Farm take FP ~NNE towards the Heights of Abraham, turn ~N then NNW to & N thru Masson Lees Farm & join Limestone Way and follow it ~ENE into Matlock (just S of Railway Station), cross road bridge NE over River Derwent (caught bus near Leas Park) - Sunday - leader Andy Irwin*- 11 on walk - 12 miles (*original leader Richard Bennett injured himself on prewalk)

1) Hall Lea Park
2) Band Stand
3) Riber Castle our first high & steep destination
5) through the Park
8) St Giles Church Matlock passed on our route up to Riber Castle
9) seen on way to Riber Castle
10) The Duke William Public House - seen on way
11) on the ascent up to Riber Castle
13) Riber Castle appears to be boarded up - possibly some rebuilding work being done? The Castle was built by Industrialist John Smedley in the 19th Century and is a grade II listed building. It future other than as an interesting view point seems unclear. See Wikipedia for further details
14) This red Phone Box is both on my map and on our route (not sure whether it is working or is now a local library
34) Daisy Bank Farm passed
38) looking back at Riber Castle
49) towards St John the Baptist Church at Dethick
51) passing between Manor and Church Farms
54) Heavy natural sandstone 'tiles' accelerate the collapse of roofs over time
61) St John the Baptist Dethick
66) Interesting notice board - Florence Nightingale's hamily lived in this area
73) crossed a Footbridge over this stream before climbing up stone steps into Lea
79) an elaborate Pub sign in need of TLC? or is the Pub shut?
81) horse riders in training
84) down through narrow stile into small field
87) stepping stones - poles useful on these
100) Alison Uttley - Author of Childrens' books
103 First Snow Drops seen
107 steep descent down to The River Derwent and the Footbridge over it
113 The River Derwent seen from footbridge
114) Cromford Canal completed 1794
128) swing bridge over canal to permit passage of barges
117) High Peak Junction - the steeply inclined track passed through the tunnel under the road 'trains' carrying excavated materials were winched up the steep slope
128) our group on the route of the 'rail -track'  passing through the tunnel under the road - see also picture 131
131) The catch-pit with tunnel behind
133) name required?
135) name required
138) Bamford machinery - probably the same family who now very successfully manufacture construction machinery.

The section along the B5036 road (and FP at its end) was not photographed, nor was the steep track section around the edge of the large fenced disused quarry before Bonsalll

147) Bonsall information board
149) Bonsall's Church - name?

The section from Bonsall to Heights of Abraham was not photographed

155) This is part of an information display in / near the Heights of Abraham
160) zoomed into Riber Castle when descending from the Heights of Abraham
161) The River Derwent upstream seen from the Road Bridge near Lea Hall Park in Matlock
162) The River Derwent downstream

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