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2022.01.19 Circular Walk from Denby Dale Rlwy Stn - ~14miles - 7 on walk - Wednesday - Reconnaissance for Sheffield Ramblers walk - leader Liz Savage

a) common part at start & end of walk - Stn parking area - ~E down FP to closed PH & A636 Rd & ENE along Rd for 0.5Km, turn off E on minor rd then cross Foot Bridge over River Dearne, continue ~E to junction of Dearne & Kirklees 'Ways' at SE238.086 common point

b) East across to Barnsley Boundary Walk ~E thru Exley Gate, Denby Hall Farm, ~ENE then ESE thru Delfer Wood & follow Jowett House Beck just past J. House & follow ~E to Cafe / PC / Parking (to South of Cannon Hall), continue ~E (on north side of Cascades) cross FB & ~E thru The Rowlands then ~NE and over FB? to join at SE284.085 & follow Barnsley Boundary Walk

c) ~NNW on B.B. Walk for 1.7km up to High Hoyland, ~W on rd for 600m then N passing Hall (on Litherop Rd) then turn ENE off this rd onto FP which curves to N to minor rd & turn ~W on it to re join Litherop Rd, & go 300m ~N along it & turn off on B.B. Walk into the Yorkshire Sculpture Park  ~NNE down to Cascade Bridge, (after 'lunch' break) continue N for ~400m to Dearne Way SE280.129

d) ~ SW back to common point in part a) - follow Dearne Way ~SW (on the North Side of the River Dearne) until passed the Sewage Works then cross the River Dearne ~SSE over bridge at SE266.119, after ~120m turn off ~SW passing Factory, continuing for ~160m past it, turn ~S on FP to the East of Clayton West's 'The Park' to SE262.108, then ~W on Bilham Rd to High Streer and S down it for a ~80m and turn W for about 200m to 'Sculpture', then S / SW / W (down & up) to Lower Common, ~SW past Cuttlehurst Wood, thru Bagden Park past Clough House and Stubbin House to SE238.086 common point in section a)

e) reverse part a) back to Denby Dale Railway Station


1) looking back West at a  small portion of the Denby Dale Railway Viaduct over Wakefield Road (A536)
4) A PH passed on Wakefield Road
6) decoration over house entrance
7&8) a snake!
12) Footbridge crossed over The Dearne River
13) another bridge seen from the above Footbridge
39) passing part of Denby Hall Farm?
45) Derrer Woods ahead
63) Control + to enlarge & reaD
54) In Deffer Woods
86) passing Jowett House /Rarm?
89) The'Tea' Pavilion and and PC near parking Area on South West side of Cannon Hall Country Park 
94) seen en route to the Footbridge to the East over The Cascades
96) looking to North at Cannon Hall
97) walking parallel to the Cascades - Cawthorne Church on Skyline
98) looking back at a Cascade
99) Footbridge over Cascade on path from Cannon Hall to Cawthorne
104) Heron photographed from footbridge - not clearly defined but interesting cilours
109) Cawthorne Cricket Ground?
111) Footbridge on Barnsley Boundary Walk
115) Thru Margery Wood / Cawthorne Park heading toward High Hoyland
119 road in High Hoyland turns ro right passing The Hall
122) engraved stone on domestic building
123) The Hall at High Hoyland
130) Bretton Hall to right in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - further behind are some indoor display buildings
133) an entrance into The Yorkshire Sculpture Park off Litherop Road
134) Bretton Hall closer up
137) walking down towards Cascade Bridge between Upper and Lower Lakes
139) seen from bridge between Lakes
140) zoomed in closer up to island
147} Crows hoping for scraps from our midday sandwiches
148) new ecological building close to Cascade Bridge
151) looking across at Emley Transmission Tower (a guyed transmission tower is apparently here during maintenance work on concrete tower)
153 a 'giraffe' near Clayton West
156 a shop window in the High Street as in early 1900s?
159) Sculpture by Ryan James

161) poem by Ruby Unwin
162) Cliffe Wood - is it in The Park marked on OS map?
164) tea break
167) Old Mill Building? - present use?

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