2022.01.05 Hathersage Rlwy Stn SK233.810,~NW on access road, U turn S on pavement of B6001 Rd under Rwy Bridge to cross River Derwent on Leadmill Bridge, ~W on FP up slope to access rd (before Mount Pleasant),  NNW then WNW on rd to FP at SK225.807 WSW to and thru Callow Wood to Callow Farm, WNW on FP then on Rd toward Offerton Hall, ~80m short of Hall take FP ~W for ~350m thru Offerton Moor then turning ~SW up to Offerton Edge, continue across Siney Sitch to junction of FPs at SK203.803, ~E then SE down to Oakes Farm, ~E/SE down to cross Abney Rd at SK213.798, ~ESE then ~SSE  to junction of paths near Stoke Ford, take FP ~NW into Abney Clough and bending ~W and at end NW to meet Abney Rd at SK199.799, ~SW along road for ~100m then take Lane ~WNW for almost a km joining the 'vehicle track' between the separated 'West' and 'East' 'OAL' Abney Moor(s), continue ~W for ~ 0.5km to join FP at ~SK185.801, take FP ~SSE for 1.5km thru 'west' Abney Moor to cross Abney Rd at SK189.786, take access rd turning S/E towards  SW side of Abney Grange, FP ~SSW down steeply to FB (shown on map at SK189.783 but not in existence) - cross Bretton  Brook taking care, informal path E then ENE thru OAL to junct of FP's at SK201.786, take FP ~E turning SE to cross stream at SK205.785, path N / NE / N / NNE to above Stoke Ford, FP Eastward (generally well above and to S of Highlow Brook) to Tor Farm  then road ~E to Hazelford Hall then NE down to the B6001 Rd - follow this road ~N back to start at Hathersage Rlwy Stn. Leader Andrew Irwin - 21 in party - ~11.5miles - Wednesday

3) walking along the B6001 Road from Hathersage Railway Station to Leadmill Bridge over The River Derwent
10) The River Derwent
12) looking East from Leadmill Bridge at Millstone Edge / Quarries
15) climbing up bank on way towards Mount Pleasant
23) Winhill seen behind tree
25) looking across at Hathersage
26) on access road leading to Footpath through Callow Woods
37) up towards Callow Woods
42) entering Callow Woods
54) out of Callow Woods - a Callow Farm building to right
61a) on route to Offerton Hall - The water below is not The River Derwent  but was possibly it's route in bygone time. The present river is shown by line of trees along it
64a) Winhill at Top with our first view of Offerton Hall
65a) Offerton Hall closer up
69a) Entering Offerton Hall
74a) Hall behind trees - see comment on picture 61a
77a) Winhill Peak to left - Ladybower reservoir to right
78) climbing up to Offerton Edge
82) Now on Offerton Edge
83) crossing Siney Sitch
95) Tea break
97) looking South West towards Abney
98) part of Abney Clough to left of Abney
100) heather
102) heading towards Oaks Farm
111) Abney Clough and Abney again
113) Oaks Farm
117) Oaks Farm
121) down from Oaks Farm - about to cross Abney Road
127) Sign board close to Stokes Ford - we came came via Oaks Farm and are heading to Abney via Abney Cough.(3rd sign Breton / Eyam & Hazelford - we returned later via Bretton & Hazelford)
130) stream in Abney Clough - we were on its bank much higher up
147) upper reaches of Abney Clough
155) close now to Abney (Village and Road)
161) up the Lane  from Abney- apparently 'Duper Lane'
168) Cold night ice on track running from separate 'West' Abney Moor and 'East' Abney Moor
169) We are heading to 'west' Abney Moor
174) view of Ladybower Reservoir again. At top left on Derwent Edge is the rock formation 'Coach and Horses'
180) South down 'West' Abney Moor towards Abney Grange
183) buildings on edge (close to Hucklow Edge
186) Grange Farm Buildings - see Footpath sign which we followed
191) descending down to Bretton -
195) - but a lunch break before continuing
196) one of many gliders about launched from Camphill Gliding Field
199) down to Bretton Brook
201) The Footbridge marked on the map has disappeared - walkers jumping over iBretton Brook
203) Now in OAL above and along part of Bretton Brook
207) a view across Bretton Clough at Abney grange and its many buildings
209) interesting conical domes - not clear how Formed?
234) afternoon tea break - taken well above Highlow Brook
242) Broadhay farm?
243) butter press in front of Tor Farm
244) Tor Farm
245) Hazelford Hall
246) Cattle browsing along the B6001 Road with Millstone Edge behind - seen on our return route to start point at Hathersage Railway Station.

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