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2021.12.15 Totley - start corner of A621 & Totley Hall Lane (SK306.798), follow T.Hall Lane (part of Sheffield Country Walk) for ~0.5km and turn off on FP ~S to enter Gillfield Wood, ~E  for ~100m and then cross FB over stream at SK310.780, ~S towards Old Hall and Fanshaw Gate Lane, follow F.G.Lane WSW / W / S toward West side of Lydgate and cross B6054 Rd, ~SSW on FP towards Horseley Gate Hall (FP blocked above Hall) and local diversion found to Horseleygate Lane, ~E on Lane for 200m to SK307.769, take FP ~SSW down to Horseleygate Road and cross it at SK306.766, continue ~SW then follow tributary of Millthorpe Brook westward to join Car Road at SK298.766, ~W along Car Rd for 200m, then ~S on BW (below Hewetts Bank) for ~1.5km, at SK294.750 turn off E into Shillito Wood (and Car Park Area), ~S then SW thru wood to road junct at SK293.748, follow road ~W to SK288.746 and enter Ramsley 'Reservoir' area, ~W on the south side of Reser then turn N toward Ramsley Lodge at SK284.750, ~W down to the A621 Rd and cross it, (do not follow the track) but go on path(s) thru moorland  ~NNW (East side of Stone Circle) to ~SK277.760 and change direction NNE down to track, follow track along Bar Brook to the East corner of the breeched Bar Brook Reservoir at SK282.771, follow rough path ~NNE to cross the B6054 Road at SK285.778, follow track ~N (to east of Flask Edge and then West of Brown Edge)  up to Moss 'Road', follow M.Rd  for ~200m to SK291.797 and turn off NNE / ENE / then E (well above Hollen House), Road turns ~S then E (roughly above Rail Tunnel) towards & past The Cricket Inn (not marked on map) at SK330.800 join cobbled Chapel Lane roughly E for about 250m then road ~S for ~200m to Start.- leader Simon Gray - Wednesday - 21 on walk - about 10.5 miles



1) Extracted from Notice Board near Fleur de Lys PH - note concerning GHB WARD - a Pioneer Rambler from this area. See also area map extracted from notice board in picture 141

2) Also extracted - historic notice concerning area and construction of the Totley Tunnel
3) on Totley Hall Lane
5) passing Totley Hall
9) at the point where group branched South to Gillfield Wood (leaving Sheffield Country Walk)
12) Leader briefs group on walk ahead
16 toward Gillfield Wood
23) entering Gillfield Wood
25) Footbridge over tributary connecting later to Totley Brook
27) starting up toward Old Hall and Fanshaw Gate Lane
35) slight diversion away from buildings because of COVID
39) buildings seen just before reaching Fanshaw Gate Lane
40) Old Hall seen from Fanshaw Gate Lane
42) Fanshaw Gate House
45) on Fanshaw Gate Lane heading toward Lydgate & to cross B6054 Road
48) view from Fanshaw Gate Lane
50) another view from Fanshaw Gate Lane
57) having crossed B6054 Road heading toward Horsley Gate Hall
67) apparently abandoned cracked and what appeared to be drying racks
70) morning tea break
71) late arrivals to cracked barn
78) on way down to Horseley Gate Hall
82) back view of Horseley Gate Hall
85) The footpath emerging on Horseley Gate Lane (despite re-routing due to blocked footpath)
86) tractor / crane on Horseley Gate Lane (walkers in previous picture rapidly moved aside)
89) The Old Smithy East of Horseley Gate Hall - where we turned down on a Footpath to Horseley Gate Road
94) waiting to cross Horseley Gate Road
95) heading toward tributary of Millthorpe Brook
104) tributary flowing toward Millthorpe Brook

141) Extracted from notice board at Shillito Wood / Car Park

142) explains how Pack Horse routes were marked - some with 'crosses' as in this Wood
143) lunch break at Shillito Wood
149) starting from Car Park through Wood
155) group photo around Packhorse route marker Cross - in Shillito Wood
158) on road west to Ramsley 'Reservoir' area
159) Ramsley Reservoir built in the early1900's and breeched in early 2000's to make 'wetland' area'
163) several ponds of water remain
166) arriving at Ramsley Lodge
168) down from Ramsley Lodge to the A621 Rd
171) having crossed the A621 Road we turnrd directly off the track and followed paths through the moorland
172) notice about not removing stones from this 'bronze-age' cairn
174) what seems to have been a circular dry-stone wall compound for animals
178) The small un-named pond on the Bar Dyke brook alongside the track (seen in next picture) leasing to the breeched Bar Dyke Reservoir
179) we are now on the track leasing to the breeched Bar Byke reservoir
182) the 'breech' in the reservoir
183) house still used on the side of the breeched reservoir
185) Stags photographed 'unseen' by pointing camera in their direction
193) These deer were seen only after crossing the B6054 road - seen closer up
202) Totley beyond at top of picture
203) view down toward Totley
207) a series of interesting sculptures made from wood seen on road back to Totley

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