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2021.07.25 ** Tideswell (P.C & Bus Stop SK151.756) ~S on minor rd (just to West & well above main rd to Litton & Miller's Dale junction) then track / path down to Sewage Works, ~S along edge of Tideswell Rd, then crossing it to track on East side ~S down to Parking & PC, path down thru Tideswell Dale ~S turning ~ESE at end & joining access rd alongside River Wye to Litton Mill. FB's ~S across River Wye then ~W up to Monsal Trail & very short distance to climb up side of Stone Over-bridge, FP up SW then SSW then WSW to & then WNW along Bulltor Lane, then WSW along Broadway Lane to take FP at SK142.772 appr SW to Rock Lodge Farm & WNW up to Priestcliffe Rd SK136.717, WSW then SSW past PH on A6 Rd, head WSW on 'switchback' route to & thru Fivewells Farms, continue crossing Pillwell Lane toward Chelmorton, but just above church party split - some going NNW along BW, others climbing up 'an Ethel' Chelmorton Low, party re-united at SK111.709 A5270, ~SW along rd for about 0.5km then FP ~N (just to East of Burrs Farm) continuing to & steeply down at Churn Hole, continue down along the East edge of Topley Pike Quarry to cross the A6 road at SK103.724, follow access track east along the River Wye to Cycle Shop / cafe, party split (bus takers took Monsal trail) and our car drivers crossed FB's over River Wye and followed paths Eastward along river edge thru Wye Dale, Chee Dale. below Chee Dale Nature Reserve to B6049 Road at SK138.732, ~ENE along edge of rd past small Church,  near houses branch steeply up access road Meadows Lane, at SK145.735 take FP ~NNE up to Meadow Farm, follow road ~N into Tideswell turning down East at PC / Bus stop - Sunday walk, 9 on walk, pre-walk for club walk - leader Liz Savage

1 Tideswell - looking back at Church behind us.
2 on the access road running higher up than the road down to the junction to Litton & Miller's Dale
3 the footpath descending to the sewage plant and the road towards Miller's Dale

4 now on the flat heading towards the Tideswell Dale Parking Area & PC

7 going down Tideswell Dale
11 Chair engraved Ash Requiem 2021 - recoding the felling of dead trees in this valley
13 a glimpse of the footbridge ahead before Litton Mill which we crossed soon up to the Monsal Trail on our way up to
16 Priestcliffe high above us
18 a tea break before climbing steeply up towards Priestcliffe
19 looking at rock cliffs above The River Wye running downstream under them
20 The Youth Hostel in this area? or is this some other building
21 bee on thistle flower
22 Scabious
23 heading towards Priestcliffe
27 studying the map pre placed on mobile phones
28 we branched off near this lane & farm
30 zoomed into Tunstead Works (limestone)
31 crossed the A6 road and passed along the side of The Waterloo (Free House)
35 after passing trough  Five Wells Farm on the way down towards Chelmorton
36 we did not enter Chelmorton bypassing it to the North
37 lunch break on the bottom slopes of Chelmorton Low, apparently an 'Ethel' - name recently given to Peak District over 2,000m high Peaks
38 view seen when ascending Chelmorton Low
39 some of party ascending peak
40 many good views from the 'Low'
41 the group who ascended the peak (plus photographer)
42 the balance of party who skirted around the bottom of the Chelmorton Peak approaching the A5270 (Old Coalpit Lane) which we walked SW along for about 0.5km
43 closer to Coalpit Lane
44 Chelmorton Low seen from Coalpit Lane- probably imprinted with England during some important earlier football tournament?
45 temporary Footpath closure - only 4 years remaining to reinstate Deep Dale Footpath on edge of Totley Pike Quarry
46 Map of the above - but also showing our route through the steep Churn Hole
49 part of the Churn Hole section
51 Quarry restoration works and routes
52 Walking along The River Wye  towards the Cycle Hire shop / cafe (and the cottages on the River Wye built earlier in the railway era)

Old railway viaduct over The River Wye - this viaduct is beyond the Monsal Trail. Some of the viaducts near Buxton still provide rail access to working quarries

54 narrow paths along The River Wye after cottage
57 stepping stones - thes flat topped ones easy to negotiate
61 stepping stones - not flat topped here - but with several 'stones' on their top surface - require care - especially where worn and if wet

63 many limestone cliffs to challenge rock climbers
65 no top rope here but possibly pre-placed belay points?

66 polished worn limestone requires care especially if wet
69 on the road to Miller's Dale - about to p0ass under the old railway viaducts - one of which - the arched one - now carries The Monsal Trail
70 some paintwork maintenance done on the second viaduct
71 flock of sheep seen from the Footpath on our way from Meadows Lane to Tideswell

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