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2021.07.14 DRONFIELD ROTARY WALK (clockwise), Coal Aston / Eckington Rd / turn off on Rd & Track ~N (to West of Community Centre & its car parking) - START at South East corner of Allotments SK365.798, ~NE to Cook Spring Wood, ~E across 2 FBs, ~SSE to and across Owler Car Lane at SK379.801, ~S past Sicklebrook Farm, then ~E to P.Hse. (nr Throwayhall), go ~S on road past Leicester Farm to B6056 Rd & ~W for short distance crossing at SK384.793, ~SSW down to Air Strip, & W along it, cross it ~S at its west end & down to cross road at SK378.787, ~W on path then road to SK372.788 (just past Summerley Farm), ~SSW past Sewage Works & cross under Railway Track  to B6057 Rd, SE along rd a short distance then crossing SE thru Unstone Farm, at Unstone Hall turn ~S, then at SK369.771 ~WSW to Ouzle Bank Cottage, continue past Bull Close Farm to A61 Rd crossing Footbridge above it at SK353.762, ~350m ~NNW parallel to A61 Rd, ~W thru Lees Common, N & W along Lees Wood, at SK338.767 ~NNW to Greenfield Farm, on rd U-turn ~SSW and at SK334.768 take FP ~NNW to SK331.772, On FP WSW then WNW  to Cartledge Farm & Hall, cross road at SK323.773, ~W then ~N up to Holmesfield Church, zig zag across B6054 Rd then NNW thru Holmesfield Park Wood to 'touch' road at SK316.785, ~ENE on FP along edge of H P Woods, thru Rod Moor to Mickley, follow Rod Moor Rd ~NNE, at SK329.796 cross rd and follow Barnes Lane  ~E to SK343.793, Turn ~N and cross above Rail Tunnel up to Dore & Totley Golf Course SK342.799, ~E along its edge continuing cross under the the A61 at SK348.798 & continuing to the B6057 Rd, and going ~N along it, before large traffic circle follow FP ~ESE then ~E up to Coal Aston (B6065 Rd), but turn N then E then N then E back to START at SE corner of Allotments - leader Pauline Heather - 11 on walk - distance over 14 miles.

1 walking from the Community Centre Car Park towards the allotments
7 zoomed into distant Water Tower
8 route fairly well signposted
10 Sicklebrook Farm
11 Povey Farm across Moss Valley
14 many stiles on the walk
15 Povey Farm again
16 Public House, The Gate, at bottom of Leicester Road
17 recent addition in 'timber' to this stone house
18 points down Leicester Road which we walked up. Walking along B6056 Road to Footpath down to Airstrip
20 the airfield
21 the runway flanked by grass bales - wind sock at back
23 tea break
25 Summerley Farm - we walked just past it before turning downwards
28 passing through Unstone Farm
29 poppies on our way up to Ouzle Bank Farm
34 Chesterfield Round Walk - a much longer walk overlaps with part of the Dronfield Rotary Walk
38 a horse in it's summer finery?
39 The A61 road towards Chesterfield
40 a concrete foot bridge fortunately avoids the traffic of the busy A61 road
44 Orchid
45 lunch break
47 Cartledge Hall
48 Dovecote - building separate from The Hall
50 Holmesfield Parish Church
51 baptisms?
52 Through Holmesfield Park Woods
53 Totley below
54 Totley again
55 avoiding a horse rider in the narrow Barnes Lane
56 many horses on route - some obviously keen to communicate with people

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