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2021.06.23 Chinley Station SK038826, ~S to road & ~300m W along it, N across FB over rail track, ~N up to Over Hill Rd., & N curving ~W along it to ~SK034.831, FP ~NE toward Cracken Edge and then thru disused Quarry OAL to SK036.843, ~WNW across to New Allotment's intersection of Bridleways at SK032.884, ~N then ~NNW on BW down for ~2.8km to A6015 Rd at ~SK034.889, ~N passing West end of Fishing Pond and crossing River Sett continuing to the 'Sewage Work' (not seen), ~WSW for ~150m to join Pennine BW & follow ~NNE then divert  ~W & N off BW to Lantern Pike (a 360 viewing point), ~N to rejoin P.BW but leaving it at ~SK027.885 crossing ~E on small path to join a FP ~SSE / E / SSE across FB to Mills, follow its access road ~'ESE' (past children's playground) to cross Glossop Rd A624 at SK035.881, FP thru Park ~E then NE, and continue ~E on FP thru Middle Moor joining BW ~ENE (towards but short of Shooting Cabin), continue on BW ~E to Kinder Reservoir (and view). V turn ~SSW on BW then track to join road at ~SK051877 (near Sheep Dip on River Kinder), continue on rd SSW turning in  toward Public Toilets (near Camp site), reverse direction ~NNE passing Resr and joing track ~SSE / S toward Coldwell Clough, but turning off before it on FP ~S & crossing unmarked FB over stream.to continue up & join BW at SK054.857, Follow ~S then WSW to join the Pennine BW at SK050.834, ~SSE on PBW for ~450m then joining FP passing to back of Maynestone Farm  and continuing to join another FP at SK055.843, ~200m SSW to another FP junction at SK054.842, group took FP ~S (but to E) for ~1.1km and turned ~W thru Hollow Shaw for ~400m to join Hayfield Rd at SK052.831, ~180m S down Rd then FP WSW / SSW crossing above rail tracks then turning W on roads back to Chinley Station. Leader Andrew Irwin, 7 in group on pre-walk, Wednesday. Walk about 13.5 miles -

1 Who now sells tickets on line? National Rail Authority? or diverse different companies? Ticket machine at station not working. Generally no water for washing available on platforms - bring your own? Or carry sanitiser?.
3 A once Conservative Party club - now a pub used also by thirsty walkers and others while awaiting trains!
4 taking Footpath from Over Hill toward Cracken Edge
6 Fox Gloves
10 remnants of disused quarry
12 winch used once in quarry operations?
13 as above
18 a glimpse caught of Kinder Reservoir in distance
19 grass cutting season
20 demolition and house building - see enlargement in next picture
22 steep descent towards Birch Vale / Hayfield Road - A6015

24 a mirror station for use of passing walkers?
29 fishing pond used by Disley & New Mills Angling Club
34 starting up Lantern Pike
36 Lantern Pike with 360 panoramic table
37 inscribed top giving view points erected in 1986
38 Kinder in the background - White 'shooting Cabin just visible in the moor land.
41 glimpse of Mill to which we descended
42 mill closerup
43 footbridge over stream near mill
44 The mill closer up
45 The mill has been converted to living units
46 village close to mill with playing area for children
47 we passed through this wood on way to and through Middle Moor towards Kinder Reservoir
48 Shooting Cabin
49 Shooting Cabin closer up
50 in background  South Head and Mount Famine
51 Kinder Reservoir - completed in 1912 - see history in picture 53. At top is Kinder Downfall ( one third in from picture edge) - no water running wind blowing water / vapour upward.
52 I t is now possible to walk around the whole Reservoir - but not done on this outing.
53 Kinder Reservoir history
54 steep paved path down to access road
55 History of Booth Sheep wash
56 picture of disused sheep wash

58 Kinder Railway used during construction
59 large Amorite? or is it a carved replica?
61 bridge over stream giving access to Pennine Bridle Way
62 Kinder in the top background
63 a clough coming down from Kinder
65 return journey

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