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2021.06.16 Hope Station, ~200m ~ESE on service rd (on S side of Stn), FP ~SSW to Station / Hope Road & ~150m ~SE along it & cross, ~SE to Brough, ~150m SW along Batham Gate (Rd) then FP ~SSW (at low level) past Works / Mill / Lee House to Bradwell - PC at SK174811, return to Main rd & follow SSE for ~100m, but continue on 2ndry rd thru houses turning ~E to SK177809, ~700m up to Robin Hoods 'Cross' (tea break), ~300m ~E to join Brough Lane at SK184.803, ~SSE for short distance on Lane then thru Stile thru Abney Moor to Road at SK189.786, along rd ~WSW for ~ 100m & follow FP ~WSW down & up across top of Bretton Clough to rejoin rd at SK182.782, ~S for ~100m to Byway & ~W along it to School ~S into Great Hucklow, ~W along Road to Windmill (houses at SK170.779), ~W on Rd (& FP?) to High Rake (disused deep mine) & lunch break, ~W to & thru Tideslow Rake (opencast mine), to Rd /FP at SK145.782 to East of New Farm,  ~NNE up to Bushy Heath Farm (on Pittlesmere Lane), ~E on P.Lane for ~200m to SK148.785, ~NNW on road then track to SK139.799 (line of opencast workings), ~ENE to join Batham Gate (part of Roman Rd), at SK155.807 turn off ~E down Green Dale, complex route ~E on rd then down to FP ~E (on the N-side of Hartlemoor Farm) then ~N then ~E thru Outlands Head to Rd at SK171.809 (nr Bagshaw Cavern), ~N on rd for ~120m then branch off ~NE on another Rd and curve down steeply back to PCs in Bradwell, (Some of the 18 walkers had done a circular walk from Bradwell others returned to Hope Station on their same outgoing route). Leader Linda Cooley - Wednesday


Photographs on Outgoing Route - Hope Station to Bradwell

1 view of the 'high' route not taken - Brough Lane up to Abney Moor
2 taken on the way to Brough unkown farm with Mam Tor seen behind
3 The water mills at Brough
4 Hope Cement Plant with Mam Tor behind
5 Geese - survivors of a 'lockdown' Christmas
10 Much green weed clogging stream - white blossoms growing out of the weed

Photographs on Main Circular Route from Bradwell to see mines / rakes

11 leaders briefing at Bradwell before starting the main Circular walk
12 starting the climb up to Robin Hood's Cross (not sure if cross still exists?)
15 tea break at Robins Hood Cross
17 despite cold month of May some grass cutting has been done. Not clear if more grass will be available to cut from the same plots?
18 to the right some limestone quarries - the further one apparently still being worked
20 Wind sock near the edge of the glider field
23 Hazlebadge Hall and other farms below on Bradwell Dale
24 ?
26 glider comes in to land

27 conflict between fixed wing gliders and hang-gliders - safety rules
29 behind the Hope Cement Plant is Brockett Booth Plantation in front of unseen Back Tor on the end slopes of Lose Hill (unseen to right)
30 pondering a cooling dip in a dewpond on this hot day/
31 behind at top is Stanage Edge
35 on the Footpath which later crosses Bretton Clough near its top
37 Top of Bretton Clough
38 apparently a once groundwater extraction house?
39 Looking down Bretton Clough
40 on the edge of a 'vehicle' track leading down to Great Hucklow
41 looking across at Little Hucklow
43 The Manse in Great Hucklow
44 passed on the way to High Rake
46 Winhill Pike at the top mid picture
47 use control plus to enlarge & read

48 self portrait
50 lunch break
52 winhill Pike again
53 Tideslow Farm on the edge of Tideslow Rake
54 a view of part only of Tideslow Rake
57 Bushy Heath Farm
61 Orchid - can you identify the type?
62 Mine remnants
63 starting down Green Dale

 Photographs on the return route Bradwell to Hope Station

66 Llama (one of two seen)

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