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2021.06.09 Hathersage Station ~SK233.810, from North side of Stn ~N up to & U-turn S down on B6001 Rd, cross Leadmill Bridge over River Derwent, take Abney Road ~W at PH for ~200m only, then FP ~SW down to & across Highlow Brook at SK229.802, ~SSE past Hog Hall continuing up to road & U turning ~E up for ~200m then ~S to Leam, join FP at ~SK231.793 (near barn),  ~S then SSW thru moor land to join Sir William Hill Rd at ~SK225.780, follow rd ~W for ~650m to ~ SK218.779 & take FP ~S passing Ladywash Farm & Mine thru Bole Hill to Road at ~SK217.772, go ~WNW for ~250m along it, turn ~S on FP for only ~ 45m then leave it to ~W to cross Jumber Brook, then SW / S down to road (from Foolow) in Eyam,  road Eastward passing (rd up to PC, Eyam Hall, Church, Bus Stop) to Cafes on The Square, continue ~E on New Road (blocked off after a short distance), then thru Riley Woods & past Riley Graves, turn ~SE down to New Rd (~SK234.760), take track down for ~ 80m then turn off on FP ~SE past two ponds then curve ~E thru Knouchley Farm to cross B6001 Rd at ~SK241.756, continue ENE then NNE down to & along River Derwent, to and across Froggatt Bridge, follow D.V.H. Way northward for about 5km along the River Derwent to join the B6001 at ~SK234.805, follow rd ~N & U turn back (after passing under rail bridge) to Hathersage Station - leader Simon Gray - Wednesday - 16 on walk 

1 Picture taken from Leadmill Bridge - upstream of River Derwent
2 Picture taken from Leadmill Bridge - downstream of River Derwent. Millstone Edge visible at top
3 walking along the B6001 Road before turning off on the road to Abney
4 The road to Abney
4 as above
5 Have just turned off the Abney road and walking down to Highlow Brook and Foot Bridge
6 about to cross Highlow Brook
7 zoomed into Hazleford Hall
8 looking back from road above and West of Hazelford Hall at farm beyond Highlow Brook and Win Hill (top left) and Bamford Edge (top right)
9 view of Stanage Edge and Hathersag's Church
10 seen from the road towards Leam
11 seen from the road towards Leam
12 seen beyond Leam
13 turning off the Leam Road onto Footpath through Eyam Moor
14 Barn near above Footpath turnoff point. Barn roof shows signs of possible collapse.
15 Eyam Moor
16 a tea break
17 in the distance to left is Higger Tor
20 On Sir William Hill Road
21 on the edge of On Sir William Hill Rd
22 On Sir William Hill Road
23 Ladywash Mine (no longer worked)
24 Ladywash Farm
26 Film in 'Mission Impossible' series being filmed near Darlton Quarry - rail track and temporary tower at the quarry edge is being erected apparently for 'crash scene' - see also picture 46
27 Rhododendron growing amok?
28 Woods near Jumber Brook
29 Woods near Jumber Brook
30 Plaque at Highcliffe Mine - apparently connected with Ladywash Mine underground
32 Eyam below
34 looking back at a Beech Wood on Eyam Edge - another possible route down into Eyam
35 Eyam
36 Eyam
37 Little Edge House
38 Eyam Hall
39 Eyam's Parish Church - St Lawrence

41 lunch at Eyam's Village Square
42 The Village Square at Eyam
43 Looking for Riley Graves?
44 Riley Graves
45 Plague date on gravestone 1666
46 a clearer view of the train crash preparations (temporary towers & beams)- see also picture 26
47 Calver Sough and Calver seen below us
48 through woods down to the other disconnected end of New Road
49 as above
50 Stoney Middleton seen below at bottom. - further behind in 'cut' are Coombs Dale & Rough Side
51 The Hall near 'new Roads' well above Stoney Middleton
52 Walking down toward Knouchley Farm.. Behind at top is 'Curbar Gap with Curbar Edge to left and Baslow Edge to right
53 one of two ponds passed
54 toward Knouchley Farm
55 toward Knouchley Farm
56 Knouchley Farm - the farm is apparently to be converted to hospitality use?
57 just across the B6001 Road from Knouchley Farm and descending to The River Derwent
58 Zoomed into Stoke Hall
60 The River Derwent - downstream of Froggatt Bridge 
61 The River Derwent - downstream of Froggatt Bridge
62 Froggatt Bridge ( Which we crossed shortly)
63 view upstream of The River Derwent taken from Froggatt Bridge
64 Froggatt - gardens in front of houses
65 a rear view of Stoke Hall
66 Froggatt Edge above
67 passing through woods above and well away from The River Derwent
68 Conservation Park at Grindleford & elsewhere
69 crossing Grindleford Road - one of the house may have been a turnpike road toll collection point?
71 The River Derwent
72  A new generation of Canada Geese
73 The River Derwent

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