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2021.06.02 pre-walk with Sheffield Ramblers - Bakewell P.C.SK219.685, ~NE then ~E over FB over River Wye ~SSE on East side of River Wye to cross River & reach Haddon Rd at SK231.664, ~ 280m ~SE along Rd, ~ESE following B.W.j for 1.8km just past barns to SK217.654, ~NW on FP crossing rd (well above Conksbury Bridge) at SK213.658, continue NW to Over Haddon & ~W thru it to PC at SK203.664, ~NW for ~100m up to rd & follow ~W for ~250m to SK200.665 & take FP ~N for ~200m then ~NW to cross B5055 Rd at SK191.874, continue ~WNW to Rd in Kirk Dale at SK181680, ~W up walled lane for ~450m to (SK176.681), FPs - NW then WSW around edge of field to Magpie Mine, (lunch break), FP ~N  then NNW to join Johnson Lane (on the West side of Sheldon), follow J.Lane ~ WSW for ~100m to join FP at SK171.688, follow FP ~ WNW to the bottom of Deep Dale at ~SK161.691, follow BW ~N then ~NNE to SK167.703, follow path ~ESE to SK170.701 - junction of paths (one goes ~S back up to Sheldon) but take path Eastward (following initially well above the River Wye) and joining the lower end of Kirk Dale then the A6 Rd at SK192.695, follow A6 Rd ~ENE for ~ 300m and turn ~NE over The River Wye into Ashford in Water (PC can be found), go ~E past the Church to the A6020 Rd, cross it and take a 'minor rd' ~SE over two branches of the River Wye to the A6 Rd (for a few meters) before turning off on a FP starting along the River Wye ~E then turning ~SE back to join the A6 at SK209.691, follow road ~E then SSE into Bakewell. Leader John Taylor - Wednesday


1 Photo taken from footbridge of the River Wye and the stone roadbridge on the far side taking road traffic into Bakewell
2 heading towards Haddon Hall on path following initially some distance away from The River Wye
8 now close to The River Wye
9 a glimpse of Haddon Hall
10 a substantial concrete footbridge over The River Wye not very far from Haddon Hall
11 a tree with roots still functioning has fallen horizontal across the river and branches are now growing vetical from the trunk
13 the reception area before Haddon Hall
14 This building is 'Haddon Barn' across the road from Haddon Hall
15 striding up away from the road & Haddon Hall
22 Over Haddon seen in distance
23 difficult to get shearers during The Lock Down period?
24 approaching a barn storing bales close to Raper Mine (Flourspar) - disused?
28 zoomed into Over Haddon
30 an unknown valley in the distance
31 cattle visiting visitor to their dewpond?
32 the road above Conksbury Bridge
34 unknow hall in the distance
36 The River Lathkill upstream of us
37 River Lathkill downstream of us
38 close to Over Haddon

40 Wesleyan Chapel in Over Haddon
42 farm espied in the distance beyond the PCs
43 on to the footpath towards from Over Haddon leading to Magpie Mine
44 A new system of muck spreading - liquid manure is apparently discharged into groves made by the spreader instead of scattering it through the air!
45 A Manure tanker?
47 Bole Hill Farm?
48 looking across Kirk Dale
49 as above, we took walled track upward towards Magpie Mine
50 down to Kirk Dale Road
51 a view down Kirk Dale
52 decaying barn passed as we ascended
54 Magpie Mine
55 The Horse Gin in a relocated position - to see some details of mine working / history refer to walk 2020.07.08
57 Cast iron pipe? Stones for crushing ore?
58 bucolic charm on the border of Sheldon
59 on the top bank of Deep Dale. Over Wheal (farm) on the far bank?
60pond  in the bottom of Deep Dale
65 climbing up from paths junction point to path following above River Wye toward Ashford in the Water
67 Wild Garlic
68 fields of Wild Garlic
69 now down alongside The River Wye
70 a two 'wheel' water powered grinding mill
74 taken from the footbridge crossing The River Wye (at the South end of Ashford in the Water
75 Canada Geese and Goslings (hopefully their residence permits are in order?)
76 several water control works along the River Wye on the way to Bakewell
78 a head race, possibly to the disused Victoria Mill, discharge over a weir into The River Wye
79 The River Wye taken from the road bridge into Bakewell

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