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2020.10.07 Ramblers social distancing walk with 10 persons. Station Road (Lowood Club) Deepcar, ~E across River Don at SK292981, then directly ~NE on FP passing under two rail tunnels (SK295984 2nd tunnel), ~200m ESE then ~N to pass under A616 (Stocksbridge Bypass) at SK297988, veer slightly left then straight on ~NNE past 'Stables' and 'building on Railway line' to SK298993, V-turn (near Finkle Street Lane)  ~SSW to cross FB over River Don at SK297991, ~W then  then WNW on Holly Hall Lane (above Forge Rocher) to SK287994, ~N to Green Moor Rd, follow rd ~W to Millennium Park at SK282995 (tea break), ~SSE thru Green Moor Dell to SK284991, V-turn ~WNW to SK281992, SSW then SW down to Hunshelf Bank at SK279990, ~W down bank to join rd at SK274990 near Berton Under Edge Farm, ~SW down Pea Royd Lane over bridge across A616 Rd to SK271989, ~W on Path below / parallel to A616 to join rd at SK256994, ~SSW down Under Bank Lane & across B6088 Rd, ~W towards then SSW below Underbank Reser Embkt to SK252990, ~WNW along edge of Reser to Adventure Centre, SSW on road then path (some rocks for lunch break) up to Windhill Knoll SK242981, ~SE along edge of 'Salter Wood' to Trig Beacon at SK250972 in The Height, ~E past Hunger Hill Farm, Low Flat Farm, above Waldershaig on Head Lane to Bolsterstone (teabreak), FP ~E past Cote House, Height Lathe to Hollin Edge Height SK288965, NNE to pass Hollin Edge Farm SK289966, NNW past Parsonage Farm, continuing on St Helen Rd into Deepcar, at SK285974 ~NNE down to junction A6012 Rd / B6088 Rd. Leader Anne Vickers - Wednesday.

1 directly after crossing road bridge over River Don after Lowood Club take FP ~NE
2 The first rail tunnel is under the existing track going to Stocksbridge steelworks. The track on the second rail tunnel going towards Pennistone ? Manchester has been removed
5 walking towards the 'tunnel' under the A616 (Stocksbridge bypass)
6 the tunnel as above
7 veering slightly to the left and then continuing on the line of the old railway to Penistone / Manchester
9 mobile blacksmith at horse stables
10 House built in 1888 on line of railtrack
11 on National Cycle track network
13 Railway Bridge over Finkle Street Lane
14 down toward the River Don
16 The steel footbridge over the River Don (apparently this replaced a wooden bridge?)
17 stepping stones before there was a footpath to get to Tin Mill Dam (presumably formed by tin mining?)
18 on Holly Hall Lane
20 taken from Green Moor Road
21 farm on Green Moor Road
22 The Green Moor Quarries on Hunshelf  (Control / + to enlarge & read)
23 Industries on Hunshelf Bank
24 notice at the Ivy Millennium Green
25 The land for the Ivy Millenium Green was donated by Ivy Bacon
28 view down from The Millennium Green
29 Memorial to CPL Frank Bramall who died in the Battle of the Marne (First World War)
30 another view from The Millenium Park

31 Telephone Box now a library (use suspended during the Covid 19 pandemic)
32 rather unclear map of walks around Green Moor
33 Delf Quarry - note flagstone used around Houses of Parliament

42 Path sign - unfortunately OS maps do not show Isle of Skye Quarry and Park Lane?
44 Isle of Skye (disused Quarry)
47 looking across valley at Deepcar - we returned at end of walk somewhere through it.
48 Underbank Reservoir visible to left / middle
51 down / along Hunshelf Bank
52 Broom
55 pigs near Pea Royd Lane
57 Stocksbridge Bypass seen from crossing road bridge
59 track running below Stocksbridge Bypass
60 Underbank Reservoir Spillway and controlling tunnel to right for regulating flow.
61 start of spillway at top of embankment
62 seagulls in flight
63 Canada Geese (awaiting permission from The Home Office before they return to Canada?)
64 ducks
65 seen below as we climbed up to Wind Hill Knoll
66 Wind generators top right
67 Lunch break 'on the rocks'
68 enlarged view of moss
69 looking across Mortimer Road
70 'Salter Woods' not official name 9near Salt Spring Farm'
72 Trig Beacon
74 heading toward Bolsterstone (unseen to right)
76 art work on farm
77 Broomhead reservoir below

78 artworks on farm
80 bolsterstone
81 tea break at bolsterstone
82 view of More Hall Reservoir
83 Alpaccos - Broomhead Reservoir behind
85 toward, but short of,  Hollin Head Farm
86 pond bellow Hollin head Farm
87 Parsonage Farm (barn)
88 Parsonage Farm House
89 walk end at bus stop in Deepcar

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