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2020.10.02** Social distancing 'prewalk' with 2 persons. Route is from a Ramblers App (but described here from GPS trace) start Totley - corner Baslow & Totley Hall Rd SK307798, follow T.H. Rd ~SSE (divert slightly to see Totley Hall) then  follow Sheffield Country Walk ~SSE crossing Totley Brook SK311790 pass Woodthorpe Hall (but then turn ~N to see hall itself at SK315788, return SSE (leaving S.C.Walk) to go thru Holmesfield Park Wood continuing up to small Park on B6054 Road SK320777, (~W on road to see Hall Farm at Castle Hill & return)*, pass Church & PH and turn S on FP going tto SK320773, ~E across to Cartledge Hall SK323773, ~S thru Cartledge Hall Farm turning SW to join Millthorpe Lane at SK320766, follow rd ~W then ~SSW to New Road at SK318765, ~S down 'dead end road' cross FB over Millthorpe Brook, continue ~S and cross FB over Pringle Dike, thru Rose Wood ~WSW (various paths) to SK311758, ~NNW up to Unthank Lane SK309761, follow road ~W to Unthank Hall SK307761, pass Hall ~W and turn in to see Cruck Barn, return to Unthank Hall, FP - N / NE / N to cross road at SK310765 onto Bridleway ~N then NW up to Horseley Gate Lane SK310769, (~W to Horseleygate New Hall), then ~E returning and passing Horseleygate Old Hall,  turn at SK311770 ~NNW then NNE up to B6054 Rd at SK310777, ~N to Fanshaw Gate Lane &  to Fanshaw Gate House, ENE on road to pass Old Hall, turn ~N to and across Totley Brook SK310788, then ~WNW /~N / NNW back to start.  Note-  parts* in brackets not walked but suggest these are done to see all Halls

1 Totley Hall
2 as above
3 zoomed in view - recognised as being re-building works behind Old Hall on Fanshawe Gate Lane passed much later in walk
5 Woodthorpe Hall
6 as above - unfortunately could not get access for better view
7 Holmesfield Park Wood
8 Notice about Holmesfield Park Wood

9 Extracted from sign board in Jubilee Park? in Holmesfield - push Control / + to enlarge & read

10 ditto
11 George & Dragon on B6054 Road passing through Holmesfield
12 Church in Holmesfield
14 Cartledge Hall
15 Cartledge Hall
16 roof drainage details of hall
17 ditto
17a behind Cartledge Hall
18 Cartledge Hall Farm
20 Footpath through private house garden
21 Millthorpe Garden Centre

22 Welcome to Millthorpe

23 Plane crash memorial
24 Millthrope Brook
25 view of brook in other direction
26 crossing Pringle Dike
27 in Rose Woods
28 leaving Rose Woods and heading for Unthank Hall
31 Unknown house - note creeper cut back around window
32 zoomed into house in distance - passed closer to them later - see picture 43
33 Unthank Hall
35 passing Unthank Hall to see Cruck Barn behind
36 prefabricated pens for sheltering cattle
37 wooden door into Unthank Hall Cruck Barn

Note - thanks to Wikipedia - A cruck or crook frame is a curved timber, one of a pair, which support the roof of a building, historically used in England. This type of timber framing consists of long, generally naturally curved, timber members that lean inwards and form the ridge of the roof. These posts are then generally secured by a horizontal beam which then forms an "A" shape. Several of these "crooks" are constructed on the ground and then lifted into position. They are then joined together by either solid walls or cross beams which aid in preventing 'racking' (the action of each individual frame going out of square with the rest of the frame, and thus risking collapse).

38 Owner kindly permitted us to see inside of Cruck barn

39 Cruck Barn door - 'hinged' on round vertical wooden poles
40 view looking back at Unthank Hall as we leave toward Horseley Gate
43 see picture 32 zoomed into earlier
44 near the top of the bridleway into Horseleygate Lane
45 Cordwell Barn - many interesting houses along Horseleygate Lane
46 Horseleygate Hall (the Old Hall) - note buildings behind. There is apparently a newer Horseleygate Hall at the West end of Horseleygate Lane
47 another view of the Old Hall
48 Building behind Horseleygate Old Hall - now apparently separately owned?
49 can you identify this group of buildings?
50 looking over roofs in picture 48 as we start southward from Horseleygate Lane
51 geese near B6054 road
52 direction we followed
54 Fanshaw Gate House
55 The Old Hall. See picture 3 of buildings being modified close to this hall.

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