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2020.09.03**'a solo social distancing walk' Snake Pass A57 -SK088929 (limited parking on edge of road), flag-stoned Pennine Way winding ~SW to Mill Hill SK061904, ~SE for ~450m to Paths Junction at SK064901, ~SSW / S down William Clough to FB at at SK060887, ~ESE on Northside of Kinder Reservoir to cross FB at SK065884 over River Kinder, 'U turn' gradually up Blackshaws to gate (not open to public) at SK063880, ~SE then S to jump across further river at SK065876, follow edge of Woods ~WNW to path junction at SK054879, Right Fork down to & across River Kinder at SK053880, NNE / NE to touch & follow Kinder Reservoir to William Clough SK060887, follow original route taken back to car. [as alternative take informal path upward  ~ENE thru OAL to Pennine Way at SK071893 (on South Kinder Edge) then follow Pennine Way back to start]

1 National Trust welcome to the High Peak - near A57 road at Pennine Way
4 some erosion control works - stone blocking erosion
5 Kinder North Edge behind
6 looking along Kinder North Edge
8 William Clough & Kinder Reservoir are unseen behind ridge
9 South Head in centre
12 South Head and Mount Famine in centre
14 looking to NW of flagstone path
15 corner of Kinder Scout North & South Edges
16 Pennine Way Path down to path Junction below - Pennine Way to Edale up slope onto Kinder, path (to left unseen) is to Snake Path, path to right unseen is to William Clough / Kinder Reservoir and Hayfield.
17 South Head and Mount Famine in centre
18 glimpse of Kinder Reservoir (which I walked around later some distance from the water in some places where access restricted. For instance I passed on far side of the trees)
21 entering William Clough
22 William Clough
24 a glance back up William Clough
26 looking down William Clough - South Head & Mount Famine on Skyline
28 Footbridge ahead crossed beginning circuit around Kinder Reservoir
30 first glimpse of Kinder Downfall on the Edge of Kinder Scout. The water is part of The River Kinder flowing into Kinder Reservoir. Several other rivers also flow in at other places (William Clough being one of them and also a third un-named stream passing Upper House)
31 some water being blown upward at Kinder Downfall
33 River Kinder
35 footbridge across River Kinder
39 another view of Kinder Downfall
40 looking across the dam at the top of the reservoir (an earth embankment under with capping wall seen here above)
41 a glimpse of water stored behind the embankment
42 William Clough to left of centre
43 The now disused water filtration plant - replaced elsewhere - see notes on picture 48
44 Kinder Downfall at top, reservoir embankment, sloping wall along edge of spillway, sheep
45 another view of spillway which appears to be 'piped' below ground further down? Name of house?
46 South Head and Mount Famine at top
47 'Upper House' hidden amongst the trees - above the third un-named stream entering to its right into the reservoir
48 The reservoir now over 100years old - click 'control' / + to enlarge & read
50 the curved reservoir embankment
51 approaching William Clough. An alternate route up to Kinder Edge and The Pennine Way goes up approximately  ENE from the Footbridge (picture 28). Steeper but easier than William Clough. 

53 I went back up William Clough
55 sheep grazing on steep slope
56 last glimpse of Kinder reservoir

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