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2020.07.29 a Ramblers 'social distancing walk' with 6 persons.  St Peter and St Paul Church on Mill Rd, Eckington, ~N down path /steps for ~160m on west-side of Church, follow Sheffield Country Walk - (SCW) ~W for ~3km along The Moss to Ford, pass PH (Bridge Inn), on road ~W over 'Ford' & on Geer Lane pass Birleyhay, Geerlane Farm up to Doe Lane (but we did not take - poor condition on prewalk), we left SCW & went WNW to SK386808 (below Povey Farm), ~SW for ~140m then ~S up to West side of Troway Farm, rejoin SCW continue W past Sicklebrook Farm, cross over Owler Car Lane (leaving SCW), NNW then N up to Hazelhurst Lane (SK379814), follow Lane ~ESE to SK382812 (side trip to Moss Valley Meadow to see Orchids), return & continue on Hh Lane to north-side of Povey Farm, ~E on edge of Ryall's Wood to Sloadlane and Ridgeway Church SK401812, ~120m ~N on Road, FP ~W to Plumbley & West Mossbrough SK422808, S / E / S thru Ladybank Wood back to The Moss, retrace way E / S back to St Peter and St Pauls Church - leader Malcolm Dixon

Before walk - Church & War Memorial

This memorial, originally erected for the Great War 1914 - 1919, has been extended to cover the 1939 - 1945 War and The Falklands Campaign 1982

St Peter and St Paul Church dates from 1100AD - with several re-buildings & additions. 
unfortunately most of the gravestones seem to have been laid flat and grass has grown over - thus few early graves seen - but one visible here against wall

The front of the Church - the stone plaque to the left has eroded with time & is illegible

closer view of front entrance

an early grave stone 1601 erected against a wall - see earlier picture for position

a flat slightly raised grave stonr

stone 'cut' into 'two' parts 'turned' and 'enlarged' - to make reading just about possible - you can try enlarging further on your computer 

interesting to see that some carved stone has not deteriorated over centuaries


The walk


 Sheffield Country Walk emblem
a fishing pond
another view of this pon
trees with Rowan Berries
Bridge Inn near Ford
we followed Geer Lane to Geer Lane Farm
signs crumbling  - 'Bridleway to Troway - is this Doe Lane on The Sheffield Country Walk? Not The Sheffield Way?
part erosion of path I think recently repaired - not steps to lead water off path?
Troway Hall Farm seen in distance
zoomed into Troway Hall Farm
some fields below Povey Farm
near Povey Farm (which we u-turned away from)
looking back at Povey Farm
zoomed view into Povey Farm
zoomed into distant Oak Water Tower near Norton - note communications antennae on top 

lunch break - just to West of Troway Hall Farm
we had short diversion  from Hazelhurst Lane to Moss Valley Meadow
passing behind Povey Farm

Ridgeway Church

near Plumbley
West Mossborough? -Allotments

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