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2020.07.12**a 'social distancing walk' with 1 persons, SE corner of Underbank Reser*1. FP on south side of spillway / reser to Adventure Centre, continue on south side reser on Yorkshire Water Permissive Path (not yet marked on OS map?) to Mortimer Road, SSE on M.Rd to Potters Well (view it), continue to PH Mustard Inn & turn ~W down Chapel Lane to church + St James' (view it), continue & join Midhope Hall Lane passing Midhope Hall Farm*2, & follow to North of Midhope Reser (embkt), Lane turning WSW becomes Midhope Lane, continue joining 'dead end' to to Upper Midhope (off the rd to Shaws Lane etc to Mortimer Rd / Strines), turn NNE on Bridleway for ~240m, turn ~WNW on Permissive FP (marked on Map), follow to southernmost point of Langsett Reser (where Thickwoods Brook enters Reser, BW ~WNW past North America continuing to SE198000, ~N to FP at SE198007, FP on north edge of Langsett Reser Eastward to Embkt, Rd ~N to , ~W to FP N to join FP then Barnsley Boundary Walk*3  Above A616 Rd to past Sheephouse Woods Works, cross A616 Rd & follow PF ~ESE along Underbank Reser to Embkt, (& then best way to yr transport) - see notes on photo pages. - Sunday

*1 Underbank Hall apparently overlooks the reservoir according to poster, but it was not seen (or located on map).

*2 Midhope Hall - probably was part of Midhope Hall Farm?

*3 The portion of Barnsley Boundary Walk covered was surrounded by trees for much of way and thus views were sparse.

1 Information board near Underbank Reservoir
2 Spillway - Underbank Reservoir
3 Underbank Reservoir Embankment & Spillway
5 part of Yorkshire Water's Permissive Footpath
7 looking from the West end of Underbank Reservoir back towards the embankment at the East end.
8 at West end of Underbank Reservoir
9 zoomed into sheep some distance away
10 Information Board on Midhopestones
11 The Potter' Well, Midhopestones

12 short access way to Potters' Well
13 The Potters' Well
14 Ye Olde Mustard Pot
15 The Old School - now residential accommodation
16 The Church - St James' Midhope
19 view photagraphed into church through rear window
20 Hope Barn
23 Building in middle on A616 Road where Mortimer Road turns in past the West end of Underbank Reservoir
24 a contrast in 'ages' - hand cut opening in fence post probably taking days to make - against thrown up discarded gates to close opening
25 Spillway of Midhope Reservoir seen from road passing below
26 zoomed in shot of Underbank reservoir
27 Midhope Reservoir zoomed into from road
28 Underbank Reservoir to left in distance, Midhope Reservoir  & embankment closer to right
29 cattle in front of moorland
30 cattle in front of Midhope reservoir
33 Upper Midhope (a hamlet?) - road is a dead end with a footpath leading towards Langsett Reservoir. The chair has notice reasonably requesting cars not to park here. 
34 interesting house - plaster hiding original stone.
35 Langsett Reservoir behind the trees
38 looking across Langsett Reservoir
39 as above but zoomed in closer
40 map possibly needs updating?
41 Thickwoods Brook flows into Langsett Reservoir here
43 'lockdown' for Covid-19 eased - escape to the country
44 wind power
45 heather
46 in centre Emley Moor concrete transmission tower (temporary replacement to its left while maintenance / changes are made?)
49 seen upstream of bridge - The Little Don River flows into Langsett reservoir over this weir - new fish lift on right
50 downstream of bridge
51 a glimpse of Langsett seen from path towards spillway
54 Langsett's Spillway
57 on Barnsley Boundary walk - trees restrict views
58 near the turnoff from A616 road onto Mortimer Road at West End of Underbank Reservoir
59 after leaving B.B Walk after passing Sheephouse Wood Works and crossing A616 Road Underbank reservoir is seen again
61 looking west from Underbank Embankment
63 presumably boats from the Adventure Centre?

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