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2020.07.05**a 'social distancing family walk' with 2 persons, Sheffield, Oughtibridge Lane (just to East of River Don SK309934)), ~E up O.Lane & across Rail Bridge, ~N to start & follow above rail track for ~1.5km to cross W over bridge at SK302947 find track in OAL ~50m from bridge to N touching River Don and continue ~NNW to cross River Don at SK299955 near Holmes Farm, ~W to to A6102 Rd & follow ~N for 200m, 250m ~W up rd toward Bolsterstone, follow Footpath via Hollin Edge Height & Cote House to Bolsterstone, ~W on Heads Lane (past Waldershaigh (Hall) but at (farm) join FP at SK263968, down ~400m to woods, follow path S & W in stages to road at West end of Broomhead Reser. follow rd ~SSW then ~SE to ~SK255959, follow path ~SE to then along rd to SK256956, path ~E past Cruck Barn, continue ~E to join Rd Rocher Bottom at SK264955, and follow turning SE to join FP at SK272954 & follow ~SE to, Raynor Clough, then short dist up to cross bridge to Snell Hse, ~SSW on Lane to bend & take FP ~S then ~E up to Quarry (dis), ~S then ESE to South side of Spout Farm buildings, ~SE on Hob Lane (past H.L. Hse) to rd & Tinker Brook Hse, FP ~ESE to & thru Benteholme Farm to SK291942, FP SSE to & then thru Folderings, Lane ~S up to Lumb Lane, ~200m ~E along L.Lane then turn off ~S turning ~E past Ones Acre, turn ~S to Coldwell and continue turning ~E to Oughtibridge, but then follow Sensical Park (link parallel to road) emerging at SK305933, follow road across 2 separated lanes of A6102 & across River Don to start.

1 in Wharncliffe Woods on way to bridge crossing rail track into Open Access Land between rail track and River Don
2 informal track in O A L heading towards bridge over River Don near Holmes Farm
3 River Don steeply below
4 Bridge over River Don near Holmes Farm
5 view from bridge downstream of River Don - Eweden Brook (from More Hall Reservoir) enters at right bottom of picture
7 boundary mark between Bradfield and Stocksbridge Local Board District
8 Bitholmes Woodland
9 The Wantley Dragon in urgent need of Orthodontic care (and a change of diet?)
11 The Wantley Dragon
12 looking across at Wharncliffe crags
15 a glimpse of Broomhead Reservoir
17 two lambs - larger than feeding mother?
18 zoomed across valley - in middle in woods Raynor Clough & Brook which we passed through later on walk
20 Alpaccas passed em route to Bolsterstone
21 looking back at More Hall Reservoir (passed unseen by us to this point) 
23 closer up view of Broomhead Reservoir embankment
25 seen from heads Lane - Walderhaigh (Hall?)
26 Walderhaigh - cattle barn.
27 zoomed into Broomhead Farm (The Hall was demolished)
28 en route from Walderhaigh Farm to west end of Broomhead Reservoir
30 Dwarriden Cruck Barn
32 the garden a delight to see
33 giant Gennera leaves -
35 can you identify the buildings to the north across the reservoir alley?
36 bridge in Raynor Clough across the brook
37 looking west at White Lee Farm on left
38 the disused quarry on Spout House Hill
40 Salter Hills top right
41 a view to West from Spout House Hill
42 which farm? seen from Spout House Hill
43 'Spout House' (on) Hill? 
44 looking back at Hob Lane House

45 a tower of horse shoes seen on leaving Folderings
46 wheat field seen when approaching Ones Acre
47 Rapeseed field seen weeks after the yellow blossom
48 Ones Acre Hall - mentioned in Doomsday Book
50 farm buildings seen at top of Coldwell Hill
51 Sensicall Park in Oughtibridge - avoids tarmac sidewalks
52 River Don seen downstream from bridge on Oughtibridge Lane


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