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2020.06.19**a 'social distancing walk' with 2 persons, Fulwood - Redmires & Sandygate Rds, gate to cross Hallamshire Golf Club at SK305865 (just W of Club Hse, N then NW across Golf Course, ~W on outside of G Club wall, cross Lodge Lane & ~WNW on high side to short of Allen Sike Farm, ~N for ~150m then ~W / SW for over 1.3km up to Redmires Rd, short distance on rd (crossing bridge over Wyming Brook to Parking Area, follow NNE / N / NW on path well above Wyming Brook, turn down ~NNE at SK264870 to join Wyming Brook Drive, follow W.B. Drive around slow bend to Bridge over River Rivelin at SK263874, cross A57 and follow access rd ~W then ~N to Swinglee Farm / Grange, ~50m to East of Grange go ~N then curve to E then NNE to join Rod Side (a road) at SK270881, ~E on road to junct with Beeton Green (road), FP ~NNE to Wadefield & Beeton Farm, ~E thru Farm to join then follow rd ~200m & take FP ~SSW (just before Moorcroft), continue ~SW to Townfield Head, ~W (passing Llamas), turn N over stile into Moorwood then continue W, turn ~S to join Morwood Lane following it ~E / ENE thru & beyond The Flash, to SK289879 & turn S to Woodbank Rd & ~100m E on it to join Rails Rd ~SSE to cross Rivelin Rd (A6101), follow ~E along South Side of River Rivelin for ~150m then ~SE up to & across the A57 Rd, follow Coppice Rd (track) ~E up to SK307870 (near Haggside), wind yr way ~S thru Sandygate to Sandygate Road (near start point) - leader Stuart Bloom - Friday

Rain (not forecast in morning) made photographing difficult

1 Club House - Hallamshire Golf Club - in gloom
2 crossing the golf course
3 path starting behind the Hallamshire Golf Course boundary wall and going ~West roughly along the edge to Wyming Brook stepping stones
5 newly paved footpath just to East of Allen Sike Farm
6 note commemorative plaque to Sheffield Rambler BOB McHALE
7 trees on the Edge well above Wyming Brook
9 Wyming Brook in view below
10 stepping stones across Wyming Brook - we turned up to Redmire Road & reached the car park that way 
11 enlarge on your computer screen to read
12 A glimpse of the Lower Rivelin Dam taken from the precipitous stone boulder found on the higher route above Wyming Brook  
13 another slightly clearer later glimpse of Rivelin Dam wall
14 now walking on the rather grandly named Wyming Brook Drive
16 tractor (with birds nests?) near Swinglee Farm / Grange
17 Horse Stables
19 Crawshaw Lodge & the cemetery is behind - top left
21 crows?
23 Rod Side (road) to left passes Beeton Rod (farm)
24 Beeton Green - a road
25 Wadefield
26 Agricultural plant on Beeton Farm
27 view from road before Moorcroft looking generally Northward
28 ditto
29 Llamas
31 Moorwood Lane - heading toward The Flash
33 Lodge Lane behind ascending to Redmires Road. We crossed Lodge Lane at the top earlier on this walk.
34 Footbridge (or possibly packhorse bridge) crossing River Rivilen (near Rails Road)
36 views from Coppice Road (track) as we climbed gradually up to Haggside - Stannington here
38 glimpse of King Edwards - formerly a hospital - in trees to the right

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