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2020.06.14**a solo 'social distancing walk'. Parking area to W of Low Bradfield cricket ground, follow road ~NNW passing to West of Agden Reser Embkmt, just past embankment turn thru wall to Reser keeping well above its edge, follow a Y.Water Permissive Footpath (not the Public FP marked on map) ~N along wall then turn ~WNW and ~N to cross Foot Bridge over river at SK252930. Follow wider track ~NW and cross river over stone bridge continue ~WSW, cross ~S over Emlin Dike at SK249928 and join Windy Bank Rd up ~W ~300m to Mortimer Rd, ~80m ~SW on M.Rd, take gate ~W into OAL (Bradfield Moors), follow wall ~W for ~1.5km to reach Shooting Cabins. The Remains of New Cross were later found on my GPS to be at ~SK216928 - suggest follow Grouse Butts track ~WNW for ~600m from cabins then take bearing to Cross and follow thru moorland (The Cross Area is very slightly raised above surroundings), return ~E through Moorland (if dry) to Cabins. climb up ~SE to wall running ~S and follow wall to opening at SK228927, follow wall ~E for ~200m then turn ~S along another wall for ~250m (both walls on edge of disused quarry), reach Thornseat Road at SK230924, follow T.Seat Road ~ESE along the side of Bole Edge Plantation to reach & cross Mortimer Rd at SK236919, ~E down road for ~300m, take FP ~SSW to join Hall Lane / BW past Hallfield / Stubbing / Brogging (N side of Stines Reser. Embkmt), ~ E down edge of Embkmt, cross FB over stream, take Stile over wall to join Sheffield Country Walk ~SE (on E side of Dale Dike Reser), join Blindside Lane, leave Shef.C.Walk & cross Anset Bridge, continue on road ~E back to Parking Area in Low Bradfield.

1 taken from road up to Agden Reservoir
2 Agden Reservoir - spillway & embankment. Agden Reservoir water flows into Damflask Reservoir
3 view across Agden  Reservoir
4 on Permissive Path along edge of reservoir
5 Foxgloves growing on stone wall retaining road above

6 Iris on path
9 Yorkshire Water Permissive Path sign and also reminder 'for social distancing'
12 Footbridge over stream feeding into the reservoir
13 view downstream from footbridge
14 Agden Bog Nature Reserve
15 view from stone arch bridge
16 tree planting
17 notice on Restoration & Enhancement of Ancient Woodlands (Agden Woods)
18 Rhododendron bloom

19 tree fungi

20 last stream to cross before joining Windy Bank Lane up to Mortimer Road
21 taken on short incursion on dead end path above picture 18
22 as picture above - then returned back to main path in picture 18
23 entrance into Open Access Land (Bradfield Moor) from Mortimer Road
24 enlargement of above notice
25 the wall followed towards the Shooting Cabins
26 web - don't know what spider spun it ?
27 now closer to the Shooting Cabins
28 the two shooting cabins
29 grouse butt seen while following access roa
30 the 'Remains of Lady Cross (the base socket only remains) - reached by following a bearing from the grouse butt access road (see picture 34 taken later) which shows access road
31 returning through moor land to hill Thornseat Delf? behind shooting cabins
32 flowers on moor land- type?
33 access road from south to shooting cabins
34 a view from the hill above showing the road from the Shooting Cabins to the Grouse Butts
35 murky zoomed in shot of Damflask Reservoir taken roughly eastward from Thornseat Delf
36 taken of farm fields near the disused quarry at the top of Thornseat Road
37 Thornseat Road
38 Forget Me Nots
39 Thornseat road overhung by trees from adjacent Bole Edge plantation - indicates lack of use by wheeled vehicles to disused quarry
40 near bottom of Thornseat Road
41 Mortimer Road beyond gate - and road to east down towards Dale Dike Reservoir
42 Dale Dike Reservoir's embankment and spillway photographed from the above road
45 taken from Hall Lane / Bridleway - goats - one with prosthetic leg?
48 Hallfield
49 as above
50 Dale Dike Reservoir
53 Strines Reservoir - 'Boots Folly' top left  
56 some walking down from Brogging (east side of Strine Reservoir Embankment) toward Dale Dike Reservoir
57 Footbridge crossing stream from Strines Reservoir into Dale Dike Reservoir?
58 view from bridge
59 zoomed in view across Dale Dike Reservoir of Hallfield passed earlier
60 through woods before reaching Blindside Lane
61 zoomed in view view from Blindside Lane

62 Dog Rose on Edge of Blindside Lane

63 further zoomed in view view
64 Elder Flower
65 stream flowing from Dale Dike Reservoir towards Damflask reservoir
68 zoomed into St Nicholas Church at High Bradfield
69 Low Bradfield cricket ground with post office behind - yellow bike is a  relic of Tour de France

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