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2020.03.11 Hope SK172835 at junction A6187 Rd & Edale Rd (opposite Church), ~N/NNW along Edale Rd to short of Townhead Bridge, branch off ~NW for ~250m & near turn off to Townhead take FP up ~WNW thru Losehill End to SK155850 - party splits: - party A) to NNW up to Lose Hill (Wards Place) , then WSW over Back Tor to reunion site West of Brochett Booth Plantation - party B) ~W past Plantation, reunited party ~W along Barkers Bank to Hollins Cross, ~W curving ~S up to Mam Tor, then down to cross rd at SK125834, ~W on BW along Rushup Edge to Lords Seat, continue along BW ~WSW joining Byway to reach Sheffield Rd at SK093825, ~100m W along rd & cross ~SE to follow Pennine BW past Rushup Hall, then ~S past Whitelee to road at SK100813, ~100m ~E along Rd & then turnoff ~ESE along Perry Dale and follow it to intersection in Old Dam area at SK116797 turn ~NNE for ~200m, FPs ~E for ~450m to Oxlow Rake, follow Rake ~NE to join Limestone Way at SK132807, follow L Way ~NNE then NE to PASS  BW down Cave Dale continuing on FP down ~NNE thru Cow Low to pass Peak Cavern, continue thru Castleton to bus station SK151830 - leader Malcolm Dixon - Wednesday

Note - This walk based on Clarion ramblers walk in 1952

Corrections to walk description & picture captions welcomed!

The Cheshire Cheese a Public House on Edale Road

On Edale Road
We turned left up Lose Hill Lane. Edale Road to the right crosses Townhead Bridge before continuing on to Edale
The footpath (near the junction to Townhead) leads up to Lose Hill
looking down to the East at Guest House - Edale Road just visible
Lose Hill above us - some walkers from another group on the slope
up toward Lose Hill
Hope Cement Plant seen behind us as we climb upward
zoomed into Mam Tor on our route ahead of us
a zoomed in view of Hope Cement Plant
Winhill Pike behind us comes into view
looking across the valley at Castleton below with the ruins of Peveril Castle (centre of picture) - Cave Dale is to the left of the picture and Peak Cavern to the right
still slogging up Lose Hill
Mam Tor seen to left with  - not too sure what is behind in centre? Brown Knoll?
another larger view of Castleton
descending from Lose Hill.
Some of the party who took the easier lower route seen below
coming down from Lose Hill before climbing up again to Back Tor (figures at top)
Lose Hill behind us, with one of our party in view
Winhill Pike in view. The grassy path taken by part of our group is visible
Looking across The Vale of Edale at Nether Booth below with the Youth Hostel higher up
another view of Mam Tor showing the landslides below which shut the road
coming down Back Tor with the ridge to Mam Tor in front of us
looking up Back Tor after coming down it
The split party now combined having a tea break. Brochett Booth plantation behind on the slope of Back Tor
zoomed in shot southward picking up the top slopes of Winnats Pass
Back Tor behind us
Across the Vale of Edale - Grindslow Knoll top left. Grinds Brook circles behind it through the village 
another view of the land slipped road
climbing up towards Mam Tor
looking back along the ridge to Lose Hill
Castleton now seen below in front of The Hope Cement Plant
atop Mam Tor
walking along Rushup Edge
Crowden Clough?
road from Edale passing between Mam Tor & Rushup Edge
Jacobs Ladder path at the Northwest end of the Vale of Edale
Barber Booth? Rail track in cutting behind
closer to the Road and the Pennine Bridleway
down the Pennine Bridleway
Rushup Hall?
in Perry Dale
north of Old Dam
Oxlow Rake
footpath towards Cow Low
Mam Tor seen from Cow Low
Winnats Pass in centre
Peveril Castle seen behind us as we descend
Castleton Church tower top left
Peak Cavern top right?

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