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2019.12.18 A61 Road (SK346824), FP ~W (on N-side of Meadow Head) circling South to SK343 819, ~200m on Path & Booking Lane, ~W along Parkbank Woods to (remains of) Beauchief Abbey, ~S to Gulleys Wood then NW into Ladies Spring Woods, SK331817, circle on West boundary of Beauchief Hall ( & deer park) to SK327810, join Twenty Well Lane & follow ~WNW over Rail tracks, path ~N past Dore Station & on to A621 Rd ~N for 200m, Path WNW along Limb Brook, turn ~N to pass on East side of Sports Ground then WNW on its North side, cross A625 Road, ~NW passing (unusable) PC & up to Whirlow Brook Hall, ~N up to Limb Valley, ~W to SK294834, take FP ~NNE passing Smelting Farm to Ringalow Road, ~W along R'low Rd , ~N to / down / across Clough Lane, ~N to Old May House & across Foxhall Lane, continue N / (then on roads) NE / NW to Fullwood Hall & NW to Bole Hill, then NNE / E into Fullwood - leader Judy Gathercole - Wednesday

leaders briefing

Beauchief Abbey


houses next to Abbey
Deer in Beauchief Hall's Park
crossing Twenty Well Lane
welcoming candles
Much of the Dore railway station's building is now a restuarant
Limb Brook on Southern boundary of Ecclesall Wood
on the Sports Ground before Whirlow Bridge
Whirlowbrook Hall and Park

steps up to the porch in front of The Hall

a garden next to the Hall
Whirlowbrook Hall

fungi on dead wood

crossing the brook from the Hall up to Limb Valley
Limb Valley
taken from the path from Ringalow Road before descending down to Clough Lane / Porter Clough
Porter Clough below
Foxhall Lane ahead - Old May House - unseen on our right. Those in front about to turn to right off Lane
passing Workhouse Cottages
Hole in the Wall
Fullwood Hall

Old Water Tower - converted into a house?


Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year to all Walkers - especially those photographed on my webpage - Tony

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