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2019.12.15 Hope Station, ZZ ~S to A6187 Rd & ~SE along / across it to FP to cross River Noe on B6049 at Brough, ~SE to join Brough Lane, Southward up on Lane for ~2.5km then thru Abney Moor (to West of Abney Grange), ~SW  short dist.on rd then on FP to cross Bretton Brook at SK183783 then,  up to W.side of Hucklow Edge, ~S / W / S down to Great Hucklow, past PH ~NW on track but turn off ~N at SK175783, thru Quarters Farm to rd ~N to Hazlebridge Farm, ~W on Green Lane, ~200m N on Tophole Rd, ~WNW on Jennings Dale, Hartle Dale, Green Dale to ~ SK157806, ~N for 300m then W.Ward to above Hazard Mine to join at SK135813 the Limestone Way, ~NE for ~500m on L.W. (not continuing into Cave Dale) but NNE past Cow Low then bottom of Peak Cavern into Castleton, ~W mainly along Peakshole Water to Hope for groups Christmas Dinner - leader Liz Savage - Sunday

on the way from Hope Station towards Brough
Old Mill at Brough on the River Noe (where the B6049 Road crosses the river)
The water wheel is just visible to the left under peaked roof
turning off the BB6049 Road toward Brough Lane
shorter way up Footpath to Brough Lane
on Brough Lane
Winhill Pike behind us as we climb up Brough Lane
part of Bradwell. Quarry for Hope cement plant visible at top of picture
At top left Rushup Edge, Mam Tor and ridge down towards Hollins Cross - snow covered Kinder behind top right
Lose Hill centre top
Brough Lane is working access to farms
Stanage Edge behind at top
closer up to Stanage Edge.
Brough Lane behind us - we climbed over stile into Abney Moor (heading roughly in direction of Grange Farm)
part of Abney Grange / Grange Farm
Grange Farm
toward source of Bretton Brook
source of Bretton Brook - building apparently a one time pumphouse?
crossing the brook
Bretton Clough behind
down toward Great Hucklow (diverted from muddy slippery track to an even more slippery side slope)
in Great Hucklow

The Great Hucklow Cross - 'butter cross' type


Christmas Cheer

passing The Queen Anne (Public House)
Little Hucklow in distance
Little Hucklow closer up
Mam Tor visible at top
Little Hucklow again
Heading towards Quarters Farm
zoomed into Bradwell Dale - Hazlebadge Farm in front to right
White windows - painted stone are in Hazlebadge Hall
Hazlebadge Farm
looking down Green Lane - after climbing up it
Hartlemoor Farm
Mam Tor now closer
descending down to Castleton. Lose Hill in centre
Winnats Pass to left - Mam Tor Centre right, seen as we descend to Castleton
top of Peak Cavern - with part of Peveril Castle at top left
Peakshole Water passing through Castleton

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