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2019.12.04 Lodge Moor / Redmires Rd SK296864, ~NNW across Hallamshire Golf Club, ~E following stone wall to SK304867, ~ENE down to A57 Road (near once PH in Bell Hagg) SK308872, zig zag (~NNE) down to Long Lane & ENE along Lane to to SK310876, follow River Rivelin westward to SK302875, FP ~N over Rivelin Road (A6101) up to Coppice Lane & ~W along C. Lane continuing above King Edwards to SK294876, ~S to recross Rivelin Rd, ~100m ~W along edge of rd then WSW to cross Pedestrian Stone Arch Bridge over River Rivelin, ~E for 300m then ~NNE to cross A57 Road, follow ~E along Coppice Road (track) to SK304869, ~100m up ~N to enter Golf Club at SK304868, ~SE for 200m along edge of Golf Course then ~S across it up to Redmires Rd, follow road ~W back to start (near Shiny Sheff (where we had Christmas Dinner) - leader Judy Gathercole - Wednesday

leaders briefing
crossing the Hallamshire Golf Course

heading below the golf course towards Bell Hagg

Coppice Road below us - we returned later on this track
Bell Hagg
down toward the rebuilt PH - now a private residence

on the A57 road - U turning down toward the rebuilt PH now as a house

view to the sunlit side of the valley
the rebuilt Bell Hagg house behind us
PH across Rivelin Valley? near Goodyfield Farm?
River Rivelin
tea break
along the pond and river
Coppice Lane
down from Coppice Lane (behind King Edwards - previously a hospital - now housing)


down to Rivelin Road
Pedestrian Bridge over River Rivelin (before Parking Area and Pond before junction A57 & Rivelin Road)
after crossing the A57 Road on Coppice Road (track)
up from Coppice Road towards the Golf Course
the golf course again
along Redmires Road found this notice about - The Barncliffe Stoop and The Ancient Road. (try enlarging to read)

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