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2019.10.27 Fox House SK267803, ~SSW short of Longshaw Lodge, ~S to cross junct. rds A625 / B6054, ~SW to White Edge Lodge, ~S up to White Edge, ~SSW then SSE along White Edge to SK268751 (~W of  Swines Sty), ~SW / W to Carpark (near Curbar & Baslow Edges), ~W down  road / short dist thr field / rejoin rd down to Calver, cross River Derwent (nr Calver Mill), then turn N thr Stocking Farm, along The Goit, cross A625 Rd, nr New Bridge, follow along River Derwent to Froggat Bridge, away from Bridge ~W to cross B6001 Rd, & up to and across New Rd, ~NW then W on 'Other Routes' past Riley Graves on rd into Eyam,  ~W on Rd to turn just at Church ~NNE up to & across (West arm) of Edge Rd, ~NW up past Beech Hurst (unseen) to cross rd, ~N thru / past Bole Hill then Ladywash Mine to cross Sir William Hill Rd (a track) at SK218779, ~N curving W to to SK751789, ~NNE then ~W to Stoke Ford, cross F.Bridge over Highlow Brook, NE up to Abney Rd SK213797,~W / NE along rd to Highlow Hall, turnoff WNW then NNE to Callow Farm, ~W thru woods then tracks to past Mount Pleasant to turn off at FP at SK227806, ~E down to & along River Derwent, to then N across Leadmill Bridge, ~NW on FP passing Nether Hall, under Railway viaduct into Hathersage - walk about 14miles - Sunday - leader Andrew Irwin

walking from Fox House towards Longshaw Lodge
walking toward the 'crossroads' and White Edge Lodge
looking back at Higger Tor
White Edge Lodge - we turned up to White Edge here
going up to White Edge
view from White Edge toward Stoke Flat
Grouse Inn to right of picture
On White Edge
Grouse Inn at bottom left with Hathersage behind to its right. At top left Win Hill Pike.
wet slithery going in parts
disused quarries
another view of Stoke Flat - Win Hill Pike top left

tea break taken behind White Edge - sheltering from the wind
zoomed into deer - hand held camera with screen not ideal for this - excuse the blur
down from the Edge heading toward the Parking Area
looking towards Curbar (Village) and Calver beyond
Passing below Baslow Edge not far from road down to Calver
looking across at Curbar Edge
about to rejoin the road passing through Curbar
Calver Mill
River Derwent with part of Calver Mill seen to left
passing through stocking Farm towards the Goit (head race channel from the weir in The River Derwent towards Calver Mill's once Water Wheel)
The Goit - Weir across The River Derwent just visible behind
Water ponded behind the weir - the goit is fed from this pond
Calver Weir Restoration Project

'New' Bridge over The River Derwent - bridge now a considerable age



Froggat Bridge
The Stables Hotel?
looking back at the gap between Curbar and Baslow Edges through which we passed
lunch break just before reaching New Road
zoomed in across valley to White House Lodge which we passed earlier in walk
heading toward Eyam
Riley Graves
Plague victims 1666
we walked towards Eyam while most  most visitors to the graves walk from Eyam
on the road to Eyam's  Parish Church
we turned up on this end of the Church
Alpacas seen on route up west arm of Edge Road
Ladywash Mine - chimney for smelter
Ladywash Farm
On Eyam Moor
Bretton or Highlow Brook in spate
Highlow Hall
Highlow Hall barns
Hatthersage in the distance. North Lees  seen below Stanage Edge on skyline in from the right?
Callow House Farm
woods, through which we descended, below Callow House Farm
on footpath (past Mount Pleasant) walking towards River Derwent and Leadmill Bridge
Hathersage - barrel roofed buildings near the railway station

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