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2019.07.10 Bakewell,  to / up steps at SK215683 & SW on FP thru housing, playing fields & then on North side of School, ~S on road to Over Haddon, ~W thru village to PC, zig zag south down to Lathkill Dale, West along L Dale to / across FB at SK174655, ~350m along Cales Dale, ~ ESE up steps & along Limestone Way, thru Calling Low to Parking area, L Way S / E / S to road & past Lomberdale Hall, L Way ~E on track down to / across River Bradford, follow River NNE /  E, at SK213640 Road then FP ~NE (high on West side above R Bradford) to join road into Alport, FP ~NNW along River Lathkill to join road & cross Conksbury Bridge and up around bend on rd, FP ~NNE to join rd before Noton Barn Farm, continue N past N.B.Farm & N on FP turning slightly to Cemeteries and back into Bakewell - leaders Margaret Brown & Anne Vickers - Wednesday

towards Over Haddon

in Over Haddon

down toward Lathkill Dale
in Lathkill Dale - heading toward Cales Dale

on foot brodge towards Cales Dale
as above
up from Cales Dale on Limestone Way
heading toward Calling Low
looking back down Cales Dale into Lathkill Dale
looking back at One-Ash Grange Farm - on Limestone Way above Cales Day opposite to steps we climbed up
at Calling Low
Low Moor Plantation after Calling Low
Calcite Mine?
near Parking Area - but not clear where mine is and what is mined?
'lake' in front of Hollow Farm ESE of Youlgreave
fallen tree on Limestone Way some distance before Lomberdale Hall
Lomberdale Hall seen from road / Limestone Way passing it
After Lomberdale Hall, Limestone Way turns off road onto track down to The River Bradford
following the River Bradford to below Youlgreave
busy repairing it's nest
changing banks below Youlgreave
River Bradford seen from footpath parallel to river but higher up (to left in picture) 
farm seen across Bradford Dale in distance to east?
Balwen white tailed black sheep?
on road heading East to Alport
house near River Lathkill where we turned to follow river towards Conksbury & Conksbury Bridge
seen from Conksbury (road) Bridge
New Close Farm ~ seen WNW from footpath heading ~NNE toward road before Noton Barn Farm
Seen from footpath before Cemeteries into Bakewell -what is it?  Picture does not match pictures of Burton Closes Hall nearby.
into Bakewell

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