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2019.06.26 Hathersage Rwy Stn (SK233810), ~S on B6001 Rd across River Derwent on Leadmill Bridge & on to PH, road (toward Abney) ~W for 250m only, FP ~SW to cross Highlow Brook,  ~SSE up past Hoghall (unseen) to V-bend road, ~E then SSW past Leam Farm, at barn at ~SK231793 FP ~S / SSW / SW thru Eyam Moor to Sir William Hill Rd, ~ W for ~700m along this Rd (past Ladywash Farm), FP ~S down to and across minor road at SK817773, ~SE steeply down thru woods to cross (ext of) Edge Rd, ~SSW to Eyam Church, ~WNW along road to Eyam Hall, ~W on road then FP (not lane) to Foolow, PH, Cross & duck pond, ~W on road then FP ~NW to Grindlow, FP ~NNE thru Rose Farm up to Hucklow Edge, on rd (toward Camphill) at SK182782 FP NE across Bretton Brook (near building) to road & FP (starting at SK189786) NNW thru Abney Moor (West part of) to SK184802, Track ~E /NE to Abney Moor (East part of), ~ESE on FP on boundary of moor / enclosed fields to SK204804, ~NE on FP crossing Siney Sitch to Offerton Edge, NE / E down to road above Offerton Hall, ~ESE along road then FP to Callow Farm, ~E down thru Callow Wood to minor road & ESE for ~200m, FP ~E down to Leadmill Bridge, ~N up road back to start. - leaders Anne Vickers & Margaret Brown - Wednesday

view of River Derwent downstream of Leadmill Bridge
The Plough Inn - the turn off towards Abney is across the road - we turned off here
down from the road to Abney toward Highlow Brook
Highlow Brook
looking North over tree lined Highlow Brook. House - Broadhay?
Tor Farm?
Hazelford Hall
Hathersage in the distance behind us as we turn up towards Leam Farm
Hazelford Hall now seen from above
part of Leam Farm?
barn near footpath into Eyam Moor. Roof at end sagging.
starting through Eyam Moor
unseasonable early patches of pink heather.
mist still clearing
Beech forest where we descended towards Eyam
Alpacas on the outskirts of Eyam - apparently recently sheared
Eyam below

Eyam Churchyard - Cricketer Harry Bragshaws grave here - note the 'stumps'

Eyam Hall
School group? seen in distance as we continued left towards Foolow
Eyam Edge on skyline
Blackhole Mine? below Eyam Edge
towards Foolow
crossing Linen Dale?
Wet grass cutting suspended due to rain
The Bulls Head at Foolow
intricate cross at Foolow
where have all the ducks gone?
we continued to the left past the road behind going up to Bretton
on the footpath towards Grindlow
Roods Farm?

interesting 'Council' notes

towards Rose Farm/
up to Hucklow Edge & Woods

looking down Bretton Brook / Clough
Camphill on edge of Gliding Field at top behind. We are crossing start of Bretton Brook. Building behind was -------?
up towards Abney Moor / Abney Grange
Bretton (Barell Inn?) at top seen across Bretton Clough
on the south west part of Abney Moor
part of the Abney Grange / Farm
part of Abney seen below
Cockey Farm in middle left? seen behind Abney
next to Siney Sitch
Ladybower reservoir & its embankment to right of centre
down Offerton Edge
Hathersage below - buildings along railway line to right of centre
a Foxglove heaven
group photo - some hidden?
Offerton Hall
turning off road onto footpath to Callow Farm
Callow House Farm
into Callow Wood
glimpse of Hathersage seen before entering Wood


starting down to River Derwent & Leadmill Bridge

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