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2019.06.16 ~WSW on FP past Bakewell Church & ~80m on Rd, turn ~SSE past Cemeteries, FP ~SSW / S to short of  Noton Barn Farm, Road & FP ~W to & thru Over Haddon to P / PC, ~S on Rd down to & across Lathkill Dale, zigzag on track ~S up to Meadow Place Grange, FP ~SSW to / across Back Lane, ~SSE to cross Moor Lane, ~ S past Lomberdale Hall on road and then ~SSW into Middleton, ~S on Weaddow Lane then ~SSW on BW turning into Long Dale and following it ~ESE, NNE thru Gratton Dale to Dale End Farm, on road to Gratton Grange Farm, ~WNW on FP thru farm continuing on to Low Fields Farm, turn gradually N on FPs then W to join Bradford Dale (to E of Middleton), follow Dale to Alport, Cross River Lathkill on road, follow Dark Lane / track / road past Noton Barn Farm, ~NE on Intake Lane to Haddon Rd, ~NNW into Bakewell (off rd where possible?) - leader Andrew Irwin - Sunday.

directly up from the bus stop to pass the church
branching off onto the road / route past the cemeteries
lush growth after recent rains
nearing road passing Noton Barn Farm and turnoff road then footpath to Over Haddon
Zoomed, from the FP to Over Haddon, southwest over Lathkill Dale into Youlgreave Church
Over Haddon's Public House -Lathkill Hotel
walking down from the Parking Area / PC to River Lathkill 
low bridge over River Lathkill
zigzag-ing up from River Lathkill to Meadow Place Grange (farm)
Out buildings at Meadow Place Grange (farm)
as above
Meadow Place Grange (farm house)
note FP to Youlgreave is ~ SSE. FP to Middleton is ~SSW (the route we took).
looking back at the Meadow Place Grange (farm) with Over Haddon seen across Lathkill Dale at top right of picture
a view ~ North
zoomed in view of above picture
party in distance is on Limestone Way  heading ~WNW to Calling Low?
we heading south to road passing Lomberdale Hall
as above
Lomberdale Hall seen from its entrance on the road
view from road (just after the Hall) onto path leading ~ East down to Bradford Dale (not taken by us - we continued on road to Middleton)
Chapel House built 1826 - a grade2 listed building
took side excursion to Batemans Tomb.

Thomas Bateman, an Archaelogist who 'dug' in Derbyshire. Vacant plot in fenced enclosure possibly intended for his wife Mary & children - but no memorial stones?

a view from the enclosed tomb back to the Chapel

a back view of some of  Middleton's buildings

interesting barn - possibly built for special purpose but what?

weather vane on barn

Mole trapper displays his haul
on Weaddow Lane
to right BW continuing south of Weaddow Lane
heading toward Long Lane
zoomed into rocks - do not appear to have been placed there by ancient men

view down into Long Dale

09 Longdale (SK 19060 60254) We meet to create memories and depart to cherish them - from a Tibetian teahouse menu Proposed by Alan Burgess, carved by Celia Kilner. Alan discovered this text while trekking in Nepal. He felt it summed up his time in the Himalaya and wanted to bring a little of his experience back to Middleton.
note rippled sides to dale
End of Long Dale - Gratton Dale starts on left

now in Gratton Dale


Limekiln near end of Gratton Dale

Dale End House? or Farm? at end of Gratton Dale
passed on the way to Gratton Grange Farm
one of the signs on above buildings
heading towards Gratton Grange Farm
Footpath passing Barn built in 1853 on Gratton Grange Farm
part of Lowfields Farm
down access road to Lowfields farm
looking back at Lowfields farm
Bradford Dale
continuing on Bradford Dale
River Lathkill before crossing under the road at Alport
we continued down Dark Lane just beyond Alport to Bakewell 

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