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2019.06.02 Foolow PH (SK192768), ~WSW on FP then BW to Stanley House, ~S to Wardlow Mires, ~120m W on A623 Rd, ~WSW into Cressbrook Dale, pass Peter's Stone / Tansley Dale / Ravensdale Cottages / on rd to Cressbrook Mill (~SK263728), U - turn ~N and follow River Wye (on its North Bank upstream Westward) thru Litton Mill, past Tideswell Dale & Monk's Dale, ~WSW on B6049 rd under Monsal Trail Railway Viaducts, up (by steps or minor rd) to PC (old Millersdale Rwy Stn), ~W on Monsal Trail to reach & descend before Stone Viaduct (~SK131733), follow R Wye NW then W to FB, but turn ~WNW up then N thru Chee Dale Nature Reserve, on Rd ~N (toward Wormhill) pass Hassop Farm, turn ~E off Rd to North of  Church, join FP ENE / NE onto BW ~N down to Rd between Monk's Dale & Peter Dale, rd ~E steeply up to Monksdale House, ~300m S on Limestone Way, FP ~ENE to join Stancote Lane (Track) into Tideswell - leader Andrew Irwin - Sunday.

The Bulls Inn Foolow - marked as PH on maps - the start point of this walk
an ornate Medieval Cross possibly restored and moved to this site
duck pond near cross
heading towards Stanley House
Peter Stone in middle in Cressbrook Dale. Stone also referred to as Gibbet Rock in the past.
Stanley House photographed from top of stile
Wardlow Mires ahead
Peter Stone again
Peter Stone again
passing the Three stags Heads on the A623 road
Littonfields buildings on Mires Lane (unseen in front) but turning off the A623 towards Litton (village)
Cressbrook Dale - a national nature Reserve
closer to Peter Stone

Buzzard -waiting to swoop onto unwary walkers?

Purple orchids - past their best
tea break - Tansley Dale to left entering Cressbrook dale 
Tansley Dale

through wild garlic
close up of wild Garlic flower
Ravensdale Cottages
Ravencliffe behind
Cressbrook Mill - a cotton spinning mill - now converted into apartments
new hydro-works apparently to generate electricity
head race off the River Wye
sheep grazing in confined valley area alongside The River Wye
Bull Rushes
remnants of a water wheel - purpose unknown
series of weirs along The River Wye
what type of duck?
Cramside Wood Nature reserve
Litton Mill
cottages near Litton Mill

Water Wheel at Miller's Dale
Church at Miller's Dale
Old Railway Viaducts over the B6049 road - one now takes the Monsal trail 
disturbed heron takes flight
Lime Kilns
looking back at the Lime Kilns

brick and stone viaduct which took the railway line but now takes The Monsal Trail - well made steps taken down to River Wye below

River Wye
going up from The River Wye towards Wormhill village

spotted (leaf) orchid
horses and other animals on Wormhill farm(s)
harvesting cut grass for fodder

 bridleway (to right of dry stone wall at this point) down to Monk's Dale

Monksdale House at crossways between Pennine Bridleway, Limestone Way and minor road from Tunstead to Tideswell
sea birds - resting inland
grass cut from field leaving green trace of footpath in yellow stubble
more harvesting of grass - cut and gathered in rows earlier
distant farm house
Old Mill (now housing) at end of Stancote Road on edge of Tideswell
house in Tideswell

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