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2019.04.17 - Oughtibridge SK307934, ~100m W on rd to / then thru Sensical 'FP loop', ~W on rd then path into Coumes Wood, turn to join FP ~N reaching Lumb Lane at SK294936, ~40m E then on Rds ~N then WNW thru Foldrings, ~ N into Glen Howe (Woods), ~W on FP thru Benteholme Farm, and on to Tinker Brook Hse, cross Brightholmelee Rd then ~WNW to Spout House, paths ~W then ~NW to join road at SK273950, on rd ~N to Snell House, ~NW across Raynor Clough continuing to, then along, rd ~W (on Rocher Bottom), leave rd at bend at SK264955, ~W thru woods across Canyards Brook, join & follow Rd ~NW to Broomhead Reser at SK256959, ~NW on Reser Edge, cross Broomhead Bridge, ~W then ~N then ~E then NE thru woods to SK262964, ~N past Walderhaigh to Head Lane, follow lane ~E (diverting at end thru Churchyard) to Bolsterstone, (visit remnants of Castle). Leave ~60m south of Church on FP ~E to Cote House, Hollins Edge Height, ~NE down to Lane & then along it to the A6102 Rd, follow rd ~S past Water Treatment Works to Ewden Beck, follow beck ~E and cross River Don, follow informal path ~ SSE then ~S, U turn to cross rail bridge at SK302948, join & follow TPTrail southward to SK310941, follow track southward (near Railway Track) to Oughtibridge Lane, cross narrow Road Bridge over track ~W into Oughtibridge - leader Lynn Oxlade - Wednesday

sculpture work near start of walk

~ West up road from north carriageway of A6102 road
through Sensicall Park
Sensicall path shown in red looping on north side of road
allotments at the west end of Sensicall path
heading west on road  then continuing on footpath into Coumes Vale Plantation
zoomed in to east to Onesacre Hall
farm buildings to right below Onesacre
following dry stone roughly north to Lumb Lane.
Oilseed Rape
~WNW down road ending at Folderings
Geese Guardians at end of Folderings Road
heading toward Glen Howe woods
in Glen Howe woods
west from Glen Howe woods toward towards Bentholme Farm
Hob Lane House seen from Brightholmlee road
just below Spout House
looking behind at Spout House
a more distant view of Spout house
on track from Spout House toward Snell house
White Lee Farm seemingly ahead, but we turned toward Snell House
Snell House to our right
zoomed in vies of White Lee Farm
footbridge across Raynor Clough
view upstream from footbridge
unfortunately had to be taken into the sun
towards Rocher Bottom
view of bank on north side above More Hall reservoir
down towards Rocher Bottom
road at Rocher Bottom
Rocher Farm?
Dwarriden Cruck Barn
Broomhead Reservoir Embankment seen at top
view of Broomhead reservoir north bank
seen from bridge at west end of Broomhead Reservoir
looking down from north bank toward Broomhead Reservoir
one of buildings in Walderhaigh
passing farm buildings at Walderhaigh before reaching Heads Lane
Whitelee Moor (a wood) at top left?
in Bolsterstone Churchyard
Bolsterstone Church
The Bolsterstones (front left) stored in the Churchyard
The Castle Inn - not sure what the castle actually looked like?
remnant of castle
Porters Lodge of Bolsterstone Castle

old village p0ump?


see note on the Bolsterstones

Broomhead Reservoir behind to right
More Hall Reservoir
More Hall reservoir again
Gnome Sentinels on our route?
Bluebells emerging
The Wantley Dragon - in need of some dentistry?
Wharncliffe Lodge in distance
downward toward lane & then A6102 road
upstream of River Don - seen from bridge
Downstream of River Don - Ewden Beck entering from left
through woods on informal path heading towards Oughtibridge
River Don below us at this point
bridge over railway track joining Trans Pennine Trail
the butterfly was mis-shot
turning off Trans Pennine Trail toward Oughtibridge
Oughtibridge unused railway station

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