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2019.03.27 - Wombwell Rly.Stn, ~NW along tracks (on East side), under tracks at SE383029, ~WSW thru Wombwell Woods to Blacker Hill SE367021, NNW to SE362027, ~W to Church at SE350026, ~W toward M1 Motorway, ~N to pass Rockley Old Hall, cross M1 on FB at SE340030, ~W toward Obelisk at SE332029, ~SSW thru Broom Royd Wood to SE328020, ~W (toward Manor Farm), but turn at SE318019 ~S to SE319,012, ~WSW to Road, ~S on rd to Junct at SE313005, ~WSW thru Norththorpe to A629 Rd, ~SE in woods alongside rd to Wortley, before Church ~W down to cross River Don at SK298991, ~W up to Holly Hall, ~SSW down to top of Low Lathe, ~W on Barnsley Boundary Walk, cross Stocksbridge Bypass on Rd bridge at SK272989, then ~ E  / S down to Fox Centre - leader Mike West  - Wednesday

heading NW on East side of railway tracks
under the railway tracks just before entering Wombwell Wood
after Blacker Hill
St Mary's Worsborough
Rockley Old Hall
pedestrian bridge over M1

The Obelisk to Queen Anne

ploughed field - dry hard lumps rather than muddy and wet - the usual case
Red Dead Nettle?
view from our lunch break perch
lunch break

through Norththorpe

early bluebells
Wortley's Church - St Leonards
Wortley behind us
garden below house in next picture
House at the side of the Trans Pennine Trail - a once railway Sheffield / Manchester - but now a trail
view downstream from the present pedestrian bridge  of The River Don with well worn stepping stones
view upstream of The River Don
up to Holly Hall
rear view of Holly Hall
Low Lathe
a part of Stocksbridge behind the bypass
safe bridge crossing over the busy Stocksbridge Bypass

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