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2019.03.20 - Brough (SK183826), Brough Lane ~E for 200m then ~S for ~2.5km to cross Stile (~SK 185801), ~S thru Abney Moor to road, follow road ~120m in direction of Camphill Gliding Field, FP ~SSW crossing Bretton Brook, rejoin road at ~SK182782, road ~S to start  then ~E for ~2km to PH (Barrell Inn) at Bretton, rd ~NE (to West of PH) then Byway ~SE, nr Duric Well take FP ~ NNE, 'V turn' at SK212788 ~W for 250m, FP ~NNE above Bretton Brook to Stoke Ford, take FP above Highlow Brook ~E past Tor Farm to hairpin bend at Hazelford, FP ~N past Hoghall, cross Highlow Brook, ~NE up to road & follow it to and across Leadmill Bridge, follow River Derwent ~E then ~S turning off at SK238803 onto FP under railway  to pass Kettle House & ~ parallel to rail-tracks to ~SK243793 (a rail over-bridge not taken), ~E for ~150m  to join FP ~S to Padley Chapel, before Chapel ~ENE thru Bolehill Wood, join track following ~NNE above Burbage Brook*, cross FB up to & across B6521 Rd at SK258800, ~SE below pond then NE past Longshaw Lodge up to Fox House - leader Judy Gathercole - Wednesday *an alternative route would be to follow Burbage Brook further up ~NNE to and then ~SE thru the woods (before the A6187 road) and then on to Fox House.

Taken from footbridge alongside B6049 (part of a Roman Road) crossing the River Noe. To the left is an old Mill - the dark patch in the wall is the water wheel.
Leaders briefing at the start of Brough Lane (East to begin then turning South)
At back - Hope Cement Plant - in middle Mam Tor - to right Lose Hill
part of Bradwell - some disused quarries? or opencast mine workings? seen at top
Winhill Pike at top
Hope Cement Plant, Mam Tor to its left
Stanage Edge with Stanage Plantation below right
Limestone Quarry above Hope Cement Plant
on Brough Lane
face in rebuilt part of dry-stone wall flanking Brough Lane
part of dry-stone wall being re-built further up
Paragliders out on a fine day
turn-off stile into Abney Moor to left ahead
through stile into Abney Moor
In distance in middle / left is Millstone Edge?
approaching Grange Farm / Abney Grange
House to right on Hucklow Edge beyond 'valley' in which Bretton Brook runs
closer to Abney Farm
glider from Camphill Gliding Field
cutting down to cross upper reaches of Bretton Brook (actually two stream beds crossed)
first stream bed
land disturbed by earlier mining operations in Bretton Brook?
crossing second stream bed
Old Pumphouse? - not marked on map
Abney Grange to left? Millstone Edge beyond to its right
zoomed in picture as above
'plant' on gliding field behind - roller or unit pulling gliders at take off?
Camphill seen behind us
on road on  Hucklow Edge heading towards Bretton Mount
Great Hucklow  below - Wardlow Mires (to left of arm of Cressbrook Dale) - Wardlow - Wardlow Hay Kop - further away in distance
zoomed into St Peter's Stone in Cressbrook Dale - Littonfields in front between Mires lane and the A623 Road
footpath closures due to unstable ground
Foolow below us - road leads to Bradshaw Lane up to Bretton & Barrel Inn
view from Barrel Inn of Peter's Stone in Cressbrook Dale to right
looking back across Bretton Brook valley at Grange Hall / Farm
Further unstable ground leading to road closure for vehicles, but we walkers could pass.
Abney (village) seen to North of Hucklow / Bretton Edges road
Black Hole Mine seen below Bretton
Barrel Inn - our route continued through gap to the left of it
Foolow with St Peter's Stone in Cressbrook Dale behind
zoomed into Cockey Farm to left in front of Abney (village)
Stanage Edge at back - Hathersage Church Spire seen to right
Abney Low? or Abney Low Barn? - vehiclar access via Cockey Farm??
Stanage Edge with Hathersage below 
Cockey Farm again?
Abney Low Barn? - note roof lights / solar panels?
Belted Galloway Cattle
frog spawn?
Bretton Brook below
Stoke Ford - Bretton Brook runs into Highlow Brook here?
Higger Tor at  top - left / middle
bridge & gate to left lead up to Highlow Hall - we continued on right toward Hazelford
close up of ants - not too distinct
the complete ant heap
Millstone Edge again - Over Owler Tor or Higger Tor behind?
North Lees right of centre well below Stanage Edge - which farm to right below??
Tor Farm
which farm?
zoomed into Hazelford Hall
crossing Highlow Brook then turning to right up to road
Fish Farm seen from road leading to Leadmill bridge
possible break-off point near Leadmill Bridge into Hathersage 
River Derwent (flowing toward Grindleford)
under the Railway Lines
Kettle House?
roughly parallel to railway tracks

Padley Chapel
through Bolehill Wood (turning up before Chapel)
path upward - following above Burbage Brook

Burbage Brook

pond well before Longshaw Lodge

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