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2019.03.06 - Chinley Stn, ~ S / E / S to SK040820 on Tramway then ~W to Buxworth (canal basin), bridge ~S over A6 Rd, ~200m W to minor rd, ~'S' to Sunart, FP ~W then ~ N on Rd past Thostledale to East side of Whaley Bridge to join Goyt Way N along canal, cross bridge over East canal but continue N / NNW along canal, leave canal and cross River Goyt at ~SK003845, turn SSE on FP toward Gowhole, ~ENE under Rway to short of  Beardwood Farm, ~N to Brownhill Farm then ~E on Laneside Rd, turn N to Moor Lodge, ~NE to TV Stn (mast), ~ENE to join BW ~NE to cross A6015 Rd, down to then follow the Sett Valley Trail W then SSW into New Mills (Heritage Centre), New Mills Central Stn, Leader Dave Jefferies - Wednesday

Leaving Chinley Station
Works on services near the Peak Forest Tramway Trail
Black Swans
On the Tramway Trail heading towards Buxworth
Note on Tramway
Buxworth Basin
Pedestrian bridge over the A6 road
tea break
Toddbrook Reservoir at Whaley Bridge
The Winch House - not too clear how this worked or whether it successfully replaced the 'horse gin' winches
church shown on the later photograph of the Whaley Bridge Incline? Possibly converted to housing?
Not too clear what this is? A sleeper for Track?

original track on bridge crossing the River Goyt - track apparently went toward the Whaley Bridge Wharf.
Warehouse at wharf

view ahead from the warehouse
looking back at the warehouse
pedestrian bridge crossing the canal branch leading east to Buxworth - we continued north on the Goyt Way running alongside the
Canada Geese landing in canal
a procession of geese

a swing bridge ahead
railway viaduct somewhere between New Mills (two stations) and Chinley Station
view of the River Goyt as we crossed it
imperious Llamas
ewe and spring lambs
lunch break before heading in direction (but short of) of Glowhole
Beard Hall Farm?
road apparently often flooded so raised walkway on side
not clear what this structure with steps up to the shaft is?

TV Station with mast

Kinder Downfall
walking down toward the A6015 road (& then crossing it onto The Sett Valley Trail)
Sarcoscypha austriaca?- poisonous do not eat! Seen on the Edge of the Sett Valley Trail
on the Sett Valley Trail walking toward New Mills
River Goyt?
Millennium Walkway fixed to rock walls below just visible
zoomed in view of Millennium Walkway

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