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2019.02.06 - Killamarsh (Sheffield) SK457808, ~W to SK448809, ~S on track (just to East of Trans Pennine Trail) following mainly dry canal bed , join TPT (cycle Track) at SK446799 & continue ~S to SK445787 and turn off SE toward Renishaw turning on its boundary SW then W  to cross the A6153 Rd back to rejoin TPT at SK444781, follow TPT ~S to SK444773 & turnoff ~SSE passing under Huggester Farm, ~SW across brook  and cross TPT at ~SK448753, ~W then SW to join Chesterfield Canal at SK431750, on canal path (passing near Railway Station) into Chesterfield - leader Gordon Pursglove - Wednesday (walk follows, where possible, the original canal line even where it is now not easily discernable).

Note there could well be errors in route and intuitive description of pictures - if found please inform me.

The augury of a fine day - taken before leaving home through a window.
War Memorial in Killamarsh
Apparently because of the impingement of buildings etc a new route for the canal will be required to pass around Killamarsh
The 'rail track' over this section of canal is now out of use
a 'dock' remaining from the canal system?
on the Trans Pennine Trail here - the remains of the canal are to one side and the towpath is probably impassable?
canal bed without water and overgrown with vegetation
the church steeple espied in Renishaw
a bridge, which possibly carried rail track, seen to the West from our route skirting Renishaw
house (or possibly previously a hotel?) adjacent to road crossing below. Some signs of the dry canal bed before this house?
crossing the A6135? when about to rejoin the TPT after following the North edge of Renishaw.
sewage treatment plant
note the sheet piles - driven before adjacent house construction (on the West edge of Renishaw?) to prevent subsidence into the canal and thus permitting future re-instatement of the canal.
Footbridge crossing the canal?
on the towpath / TPT
provision of a road bridge where? over the canal to be reinstated.
River Rother?
seen after diverting NNE from the TPT after Renishaw to below Huggester Farm
off TPT still on path passing below Huggester Farm
view to West of oil compound?
planted grass?
Brook - Doe Lea - just South of Huggester Farm. Apparently a pipe culvert was built below the canal crossing - and its pipes had to be cleared frequently to stop the brook blocking (and washing away the canal above?)
a footbridge now over the brook Doe Lea which joins the River Rother further downstream
the line of the original canal being cleared apparently before re-excavating the canal?
near the line of the original canal which is not really visible
A yard used by the Canal Trust?
significant canal re-instatement works completed by the Canal Trust.
the canal towpath to Chesterfield is apparently also part of the TPT.
A branch of the TPT and the Chesterfield Canal line cross before the canal re-building works seen above and below.
Note safety grids covering water overflow points from canal. Older canals do not have such grids at overflow points. Or safety barriers.

note under pinning of stone arch bridge - parapet wall seems to have been hit & reconstructed
Hollingwood Lock? Note bridge abutments either side but no bridge - probably dismantled? - a road bridge is just to the East of the locks
Hollingwood Lock?
one of many wetland ponds adjacent to canal
The Mill Bar and Cafe
Tapton Lock Visitors Centre

See walk of 2019.02.03 which shows some pictures of route into Chesterfield beyond this point Tapton Lock

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