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2019.01.20 - SK207824 Bamford Bus Turnaround, ~W on Lane / cross R.Derwent / along A6187, cross Rd & R.Noe at SK203826 (edge of Shatton), follow DVHWay (River Derwent) ~ESE to Stepping Stones, ~SSW up to Offerton Hall, ~W then SW up to Offerton Edge & across Siney Sitch, ~W on South Edge of Abney Moor (*1), ~SW then W to Abney Moor (*2), ~SSE through moor to Rd  (under / towards Camphill Gliding Field), leave road on FP ~WSW across brooks, rejoin rd at SK182782*3, ~S on Rd then 'FP', W on Byway to School, then S into Great Hucklow, road ~W / Byway ~NW / cross New Rd (B6049) / ~W to Little Hucklow, at Home Farm FP ~N to Lower Farm, FP NNE to Green Dale, cross road below Hazlebadge Hall, FP ~N into Bradwell, beyond Church FP ~NNE past Lee House to Brough, ~WNW on FP to Hope *4- leader John Taylor - Sunday - Notes :

*1 & *2 two 'separate' Abney Moors marked on map, *3 some of party followed road (not FP across brooks) to this point on road

*4 alternate walk ends possible -  from Brough ~E back to Bamford, / - or end at Brough Bus stop on A6187 road. Alternately stop earlier at Bradwell - but all routes dependent on Transport

The River Derwent - lane from Bamford bus turnaround to the right.
Crossing pedestrian bridge over the River Derwent. The original narrow A6187 road bridge is to the right. The River Noe flowing, through Shatton and then alongside the road, runs into the River Derwent near these bridges. 
On the Derwent Valley Heritage Way near Shatton.
House on the River Derwent - access to it from the A6187 road behind it.
snow on hills and moors to the South of our route
Kentney Barn
a steep slippery descent to lower level near the Stepping Stones
The Stepping Stones - river fairly low as it is possible to cross here
turning up toward Offerton Halll
Remains of old river courses? The River Derwent now runs alongside the trees in the background.
a glimpse ahead towards Offerton Hall and other buildings.
Offerton Halll
The small dog jumped athletically through the upper wider gate gaps (above the lower spikes) and welcomed us in a friendly way.
coming up from the road on the West edge of the Hall
zoomed in shot
the climb up to Offerton Edge
a view westward
On Offerton Moor
crossing Siney Sitch
following the South edge of the Northern part of Abney Moor.
looking down through some mist at Abney (village)
on the restricted byway heading Southwest  then West towards the second separate part of Abney Moor.- part of the footpath we later followed is in the left background
a view South of the top of Over Dale?
through gate onto second part of Abney Moor
nearing road
pictures taken from road - main group followed FP ~WSW across brooks & pumphouse
The main group photographed from the road as they emerging from the mist around the brooks and approached the 'road' party
heading down to Great Hucklow
school above Great Hucklow
The Old Manse Great Hucklow
lunch break at Great Hucklow

The Great Hucklow Cross - previously located in the Queen Anne Inn carpark

The Queen Anne Inn
Northwest down a Byway (open to all traffic) to cross the B6049
heading west {after crossing B6049) towards Little Hucklow
Home Farm in Little Hucklow
FP to North, starting on the West side of Home Farm
Bradwell Dale - in mid right of picture?
looking back at Durham Edge (along Camphill's gliding field
path down towards Green Dale Winhill Pike at top to right
Winhill Pike here to top left
Winhill pike top middle
crossing Tophole Road into Green dale
down towards B6049 rd and Hazlebadge Hall
Hazlebadge Hall (south end of Bradwell Dale) - seen from FP on South side of Hall
Lose Hill to top left. Hope Cement plant chimney in front
approaching Bradwell
Bradwell, Hope Cement Plant Chimney, Lose Hill (Wards Place) to right
brook near Church and PC's
Mam Tor to left and Hope Cement Plant seen near Bradwell when on FP to Brough

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